Friday, December 28, 2012

Handmade Holiday: Gifts Given

Today I wanted to show the gifts I made for Christmas this year.
I cut out enough pieces to make ten of these Apples to Oranges Sewing Kits from Straight Stitch Society.
I finished one.
But I’m determined to finish at least a couple more over the weekend. In my head, the holidays last through New Years, so assuming I get things done by then, I’m still good. This philosophy also holds for my printed-but-n0t-yet-mailed Christmas cards.

Anyway, sewing kits.
The apple (or orange, assuming I get around to one of those) opens to reveal a pin cushion, a zippered pouch, and a needle pad, fastened with a shank button. Kind of adorable.

And really, they’re not hard to sew up, other than a bit of hand sewing. There’s really not that much to be done by hand, but ugh, I really stink at it. I suppose I just need to suck it up and stop procrastinating finishing the others.

Speaking of procrastination:
I started these table runners in 2010.

The fabric is Figgy Pudding by Basic Grey for Moda, sashed with a white-on-white print from JoAnn. I just made up the pattern. Two years might sound like a long time to finish a project, but considering I still periodically work on a quilt I started in 2002, I’m just happy I finished them at all.
I used Ottobre Design’s Ju-Do-Ka-Ko Bathrobe pattern from 6/2011 issue to make robes for all three of my sons.

The pattern was too large for my younger two, so I graded it down for their robes. The 6/2011 issue has robe patterns for younger kids, including their sizes, but I wanted to keep things uniform and simple by making the same for all three. The pattern calls for lining, but I was using fleece and thought lining would make things too bulky. There’s a large front pocket (Yoda’s face above) and I love that the belt is secured to the robe in the back. This way there is no losing it, and it’s easier for them to tie without it slipping out of place.


All of the fabric is licensed fleece from JoAnn. I highly recommend this pattern. Everything I’ve made from Ottobre has been awesome, with great fit and fantastic details. These robes are no different.


And then of course the matching cousin pajamas. Of the three years we’ve done this, these are by far my favorite. Peek a Boo Patterns Sweet Dreams Button Up PJ Set made from JoAnn flannel.


Oh! And all our gifts were labeled with the little Bird Tags I shared HERE

In spite of not completing my full list, I’m so happy with everything I did get made. Two dresses, one sewing kit, two table runners, ten flannel PJs, a flock of bird tags, and three robes.

Maybe I’ll have a few more sewing kits added to that list in a day or two.  Maybe. 

handmade for newtown button
Rachael at ImagineGnats is putting together an awesome online auction to benefit the families of Newtown. She’s looking for handmade items and supplies from YOU! Click over and check it out!


Rhiannon said...

oh my gosh you were busy!! and very productive!
where can i find that pattern for the bathrobes?! I love them

Reno said...

That is some fun busy-ness!

Jessabells said...

Wow, you had that sewing machine working overtime this Christmas! Awesome. Have a wonderful New Year!


Charity said...

Ah, how fun! Those little sewing kits are so cute! And the robes look really cozy- I'm guessing that your sons just love them with the licensed fleeces. =) Also, I am still hugely impressed with all those pajamas you sewed. =)

Charity said...

And your table runners are lovely! =) It takes me forever to finish things sometimes... My longest running project so far is 3 years old now.

darlene said...

What a great collection of accomplishments!!! Well done, give yourself a hand! I used to sew way more than I do now, but crochet is my productive medium these days. Best wishes to you and your family.

Delia said...

You are AMAZING! You accomplished so much and those sewing kits are adorable!

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