Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Super Ivy!

Ivy is always jumping, running, and just moving.  Always, always moving. And she has an equally active imagination.  She loves to wear capes and use her super powers to fight bad guys, and brothers.  When she’s not pretending to be a puppy.

hello hero kitty ottobre toffee dress sew a straight line-11
So I made her a little dress full of superhero inspiration and perfect for playing in.  And it’s also super cute.

hello hero kitty ottobre toffee dress sew a straight line-3
The pattern is Ottobre 6/2013, #4: the Toffee Dress

hello hero kitty ottobre toffee dress sew a straight line-5hello hero kitty ottobre toffee dress sew a straight line-4

The fabric is kind of ridiculously adorable.  I don’t do a lot of character clothing for my kids, other than PJs.  But super heroes have always been an exception for me, and I just couldn’t pass this print up.  I’m a sucker for cute knits.  I scored it from Fabric Stashe .  A girl could go broke buying up all their amazing prints.  When Ivy first saw the fabric, she draped it around her body and wore it that way until bedtime.  The next morning, she had a new dress waiting for her.  How’s that for a super power?

hello hero kitty ottobre toffee dress sew a straight line-2-2
I like the Toffee Dress pattern because it doesn’t take up much more fabric than a top does.  Which means I can get a dress, with a tiny bit of leftovers, in a size 2 (or 86 cm) out of a half yard/meter cut of fabric.  It’s a pretty quick and easy sew, too.  What I don’t like about the Toffee Dress pattern is I can’t seem to get the opening at the neck placket not to gape open.  I’ve ironed it, adjusted the snaps, nothing.  I get it flat, then Ivy starts to run, jump and play, and it opens right back up.  blergh.

hello hero kitty ottobre toffee dress sew a straight line-8

I was thinking that it doesn’t gape too much when flat, but it totally does.  And it just gets worse as Ivy plays in it.

hello hero kitty ottobre toffee dress sew a straight line-1-4        
I made a short-sleeved Toffee Dress for a friend’s daughter a few weeks ago [out of Nosh Organics Dachshund fabric, paired with some Ruched Leggings from Ottobre 1/2014 #15 out of Riley Blake Navy Stripes].  Apparently, this dress’s neck has the same gaping issue when on.  I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, or if it’s the pattern.  Either way, I’m bummed.  I had planned to make Ivy a couple more of this pattern, it’s so quick and easy, and such a great fun-fabric-show-off.  But I don’t think I’ll be making more unless I can figure out that neck placket issue. 

ottobre toffee dress nosh organics dogs sew a straight line

I’m going to go back and try to hand sew the bottom of the placket closed, and see if that helps.  Even if it doesn’t, Ivy loves this dress, and she tells me there are super powers in the pockets, too.  Can’t beat that!

hello hero kitty ottobre toffee dress sew a straight line-1-2

Super Dress: Pattern is Ottobre 6/2013 #4, Toffee (Jersey) Dress, size 86 cm.  Fabric is Hero Cats knit by Fabric Stashe, ribbing from Jo-Ann Stores
Leggings: Granimals from Walmart
Shoes: SWYT from
Zulily (affiliate link)

Doggy Dress: Pattern is Ottobre 6/2013 #4, Toffee (Jersey) Dress, size 86 cm.  Fabric is Dachshund knit by Nosh Organics from Ottobre on Etsy, ribbing is from
Leggings: Pattern is Ottobre  1/2014 #15, Ruched Leggings, size 86 cm.  Fabric is Navy Stripes knit by Riley Blake from Material Girls Quilts

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Comfy, cozy Lane Raglan

I made another Lane Raglan for myself for Selfish Sewing Week.  I wore it with my Go To Knit Pants in this post, but wanted to do a post about the Lane because I love it just so very much.

lane raglan sweater sew a straight line-3 

This is my third Lane to sew up, it’s one of my very favorite women’s patterns.  This time I used a fabulous French terry from  I love the texture of the “loopy” side of the fabric, so I used that as the outside, and the “smooth” side for inside and at the neckband. 

lane raglan sweater sew a straight line-1-2 lane raglan sweater sew a straight line-2-2 

It just has a great weave, the texture is fantastic.  It makes this Lane look more like a sweater

lane raglan sweater sew a straight line-2 
I also skipped the cuffs and the hem band, lengthening both the sleeves and the body length.  I went with a size larger than the other two Lanes I’ve sewn up.  The combination of the larger size and the long sleeves/body makes this a comfortable, casual fall top.  But I can also layer it with a button down or some fancier jewelry to dress it up. 

lane raglan sweater sew a straight line-4 
Every time I’ve sewn the Lane, I think that the next time, I’m going to make the neck a little more narrow.  And then I forget.  It’s a pretty open neck, which is fun, but I’d like it to come in just a bit more.  So next time, I’m making the neck a little smaller. If I remember.

Lane Raglan by Hey June Handmade, fabric is French terry from
Burda Skinny Trousers blogged HERE
Birkenstocks from my college days.  So glad I kept these things!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Running along in Jocole Leggings

In attempting to make as much of my own wardrobe as I can, undergarments and workout wear have remained uncharted territory.  I still need to psych myself up to making my own bras.  But I’ve finally crossed the threshold into active wear, starting with the fabulous Women’s Basic Leggings by Jocole Patterns.

jocole leggings running jeans sew a straight line-1

This past spring I made some goals to improve my personal health.  I joined a gym.  And I started running.  This is monumental, because I have *never* run voluntarily.  In elementary school, they made us run for field day and I remember thinking it was the.worst.thing.ever.  One time I told another kid I could taste pennies.  He told me that meant my lungs were bleeding.  I totally stopped right there and started to cry.  I had to run in high school gym, and would do the very bare minimum of laps required. Roommates dragged me to the track a few times in college, but I would give up after a few yards, and walk while they did their speedy thing.  But then I took one of those Facebook quizes, and it told me that because I couldn’t run a mile, I would only last, like, three days in the Zombie Apocalypse.  Which is ridiculous, because they didn’t even ask if I could sew, and I think that’s a valid dystopian skill.  But whatever.  I started running.  I’m super slow.  I have very low endurance.  But, since starting in May, I can now make it 2.5 miles without wanting to totally die.  Yeah, that decimal is in the right place.  And I’m owning it because I have worked hard to get to 2.5!  And I totally can’t even taste pennies when I do it.  Success!

But anyway, back to the clothes.  Active wear is expensive.  Have you noticed?  It’s kind of ridiculous.  So when Jocole asked me to review one of their patterns, I went straight to their Women’s Leggings.  Every girl needs a good-fitting leggings pattern.  It is the jumping off point for so many great outfits.  I’ve drafted my own before, but the rise has always ended up a bit off, or the knees too baggy.  Just not right.  The Jocole Leggings are perfect.  Perfect. 

jocole leggings running jeans sew a straight line-6

I stuck completely to pattern, going off my measurements.  I love the fit. I opted for cropped legs and the yoga waist option.  When I make my next pair, I’ll make the waist just a bit smaller.  The leggings fit great during my regular workout.  Bending, lifting, looking at my phone while I wait for the sweaty guy who sings along with his iPod to finally get off the leg press machine, even speed walking, these leggings are fabulous.  But they do start to slip down a bit when I actually run.  So I want them just a tiny bit tighter up top to keep them in place while I put in my 15-minute miles.  Thankfully, the size range for this pattern is huge, so I will just trace out a smaller waistband right off the pattern sheet.

jocole leggings running jeans sew a straight line-1-2

The fabric I used for my leggings is some wicking sportswear stuff from Jo-Ann.  It’s pretty cool and I’m hoping they decide to stock it in some other colors, because I have no plans on buying workout leggings ever again.  From now on, I’m making them.  And I’d like to have some variety.  If not, I’ll just dye this stuff, because it really is perfect, and I want to make a few more pair.  Maybe to celebrate when I finally break through to three miles, whenever that actually happens.  Hopefully before the zombies come.

jocole leggings running jeans sew a straight line-7 
Jocole offers tons and TONS of PDF patterns for your sewing enjoyment, for women and kids, in a great range of sizes and styles.  You need to go check out their line up, it’s pretty impressive.  But first, enter to win two Jocole PDF patterns of your choice!  Easy entry, just click that you want to win and you’re good to go!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

jocole leggings running jeans sew a straight line-4

Get the Jocole Women’s Basic Leggings HERE

I was given the Jocole Leggings pattern in exchange for my review.  My review is that they are pretty much fantastic in all things but making you run faster. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pattern Anthology: 8 Days a Week

Those crazy girls over at Pattern Anthology have done it yet again!  Another fabulous pattern package, this one all women’s patterns and designed to keep you cool and comfortable all week long: 8 Days a Week Collection.

goto knit pants lane raglan mccalls vintage top sew a straight line-2

And let me tell you, it delivers on its promise to outfit you through all the days. The collection consists of four fun, stylish, and versatile patterns:

  • The Neptune Tee: A casual tee with optional triangle cutouts at the front and back neckline as well as the sleeves.
  • The Marigold Dress: A button down dress with elastic waist, long or cap sleeve options and even a peplum option.
  • Go To Knit Pants: 3 styles of knit pants including leggings, straight leg pants and relaxed fit pants options.
  • McCartney Jacket: A zip up jacket with fun options and lots of style.

    I have plans to make all four patterns.  But for today, we’re going to discuss the Go To Knit Pants.  There are three views in the pattern: leggings, track pants, and lounge pants.  I made the track pants (View B), and seriously, folks, they are fabulous. 

    goto knit pants lane raglan mccalls vintage top sew a straight line-1
    Track Pants?  I don’t know who decided that was the upscale name for sweats.  But if it means I can get away with this much comfort and still be considered fashionably attired, I am all in!  I think it’s such a fun trend, I’m totally milking it for all it’s worth.  I know that there are naysayers out there, saying that slouchy, knit pants are just too casual to be considered outside the house.  I get it.  I do.  But here’s the thing, there is only a very small window in time when the fashion stars align and something so ridiculously comfortable suddenly gets thrust into the On Trend limelight.  Why fight it?  I mean, do you really want to miss out on this?  No, you do not!  Also, they are the absolute perfect pants for lounging around the house. So peel off those skinny jeans and slip into something a little more comfortable. (not that I’m giving up my skinnies just yet.  I’m an equal-opportunity pants wearer)

    I made my Go To Knit Pants out of some incredibly soft French terry from  It sews like a dream, it feels like heaven on my legs. Perfect fabric for this pattern.  The pattern came together super easily.  When I make my next pair (oh, yes, there will be more!), I will make the cuffs a bit more narrow.  But other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing.

    goto knit pants lane raglan mccalls vintage top sew a straight line-4 
  • You can pick up the Go To Knit pants, along with the rest of the 8 Days a Week Collection through Pattern Anthology  at a 40%+ discount now through October 6th. Get more details HERE.  And see how others are wearing these patterns check out

    Sabra from sew a straight line Rachel from House of Pinheiro Melissa from Melly Sews Stacy from Stacy Sews Trinh from Sweet Cheeks Designs Kate from see kate sew Dixie from Dixie DIY Abbey from Sew Charleston

    8 Days a Week sewing patternsSweater: Lane Raglan by Hey June Handmade.  Fabric is French terry from
    Button Down: Vintage McCall’s 2955.  Fabric is Robert Kaufman’s London Calling from
    Go To Patterns Knit Pants, View B.  Fabric is French terry from
    Shoes: Puma’s, borrowed from a friend

    I was given the 8 Days a Week Collection to sew and to love and to write about.  Thoughts are all mine, as are these track pants.  Mine, all mine!

    Tuesday, September 23, 2014

    Selfish Sewing Week: Julia Cardigan (and white jeans)

    Happy Selfish Sewing Week!  A whole week of sewing just for myself?!  And just in time for fall wardrobe needs?!  Yes, I am a bit excited about this.  And I already have quite a bit to show you since I cheated and started my SSW-ing this past weekend.  Let’s start with this little number, shall we.  The Julia Cardigan paired with a new pair of white Jalie Jeans.

    julia cardigan and white jalie jeans straight leg sew a straight line-1

    The Julia Cardigan (affiliate link) is a sewing-with-knits pattern from the sewing genius that is Hayley of Welcome to the Mouse House.  I love sewing with knits almost as much as I love wearing knits.  Match that all up with a fashion-forward design and spot-on pattern drafting, and seriously folks, the Julia Cardigan is pretty much fantastic in every way.

    julia cardigan and white jalie jeans straight leg sew a straight line-5

    It’s a comfortable, simple cardigan, but with a shawl-type collar that is sewn in the round, encasing the entire body of the garment.  It was a really fun sew, and the finished piece is a different look that I just adore.  There are three sleeve length options: cap, 3/4, and long.  I went with long for this Julia, because I like the look of pushed-up sleeves, and the option of full coverage when I’m cold.  Which is pretty much 90% of the time.   I used a light-weight jersey in heathered blue with some fun sparkly flecks to it that did not photograph at all. 

    julia cardigan and white jalie jeans straight leg sew a straight line-7 

    It’s fabulous.
    I paired my Julia with a pair of Jalie Jeans, because alliteration in sewing is so important.  And because I cut these jeans out at the same time I cut out my white cropped skinny jeans a year and a half ago.  The poor, lonely cut pieces have been floating around my sewing space, unloved until this past week.  Yay for SSW and making time for long-dreamed-of projects! I modified this pair to a straight-leg, low rise fit, similar to the floral pair I made last year.

    julia cardigan and white jalie jeans straight leg sew a straight line-3
    Same detail on the pockets as most of my jeans.  I used a grey thread so that the top stitching would show more, and to give them a different look than my other white jeans.  I also added a bit of silver leather to the one back pocket.  Just ‘cause.

    julia cardigan and white jalie jeans straight leg sew a straight line-9  
    Two fun pieces for fall, down, a few more to go.  Stay tuned!

    julia cardigan and white jalie jeans straight leg sew a straight line-6    
    Are you sewing along with Selfish Sewing Week?  You should be!  Share your work and check in on all the fun over at Kollobora, and be inspired by all kinds of fabulous stitching by these sewing wonders:

    Call Ajaire The Crafty Kitty Max California the quirky peach Sewbon Swoodson Says sewVery a happy stitch sew a straight line Sew Caroline Our Chez Nous Casa Crafty verypurpleperson Flamingo Toes Sewing Rabbit justmejay groovy baby and mama you & mie oona balloona sew Amy sew Idle Fancy miss matatabi Dandelion Drift Modern Handcraft Buzzmills u&mii B.Yazoo A Quilter's Table lbg studio Diary of a Chainstitcher Compagnie M. Sew Chibi la inglesita Modern Handmade Sing All You Want Cookin' and Craftin' Behind the Hedgerow Milkybeer Handmade The Charming Needle

    Featuring fabulous patterns by these indie pattern designers:

    April Rhodes Blank Slate Patterns Bluegingerdoll By Hand London CaliFaye Collection Chris W Designs Christine Haynes Closet Case Patterns Clover & Violet Deer and Doe Delia Creates Emmaline Bags Go To Patterns grainline studio GreenStyleCreations Hey June Handmade imagine gnats In-House Patterns Kate & Rose Kitschy Coo Megan Nielsen Patterns Mouse House Creations Named Clothing Noodlehead Papercut Patterns Pauline Alice SBCC Patterns schnitten Scientific Seamstress see kate sew Sew Caroline Sew House Seven Sew Sweetness Sewaholic Sewing Patterns by Mrs. H SUCH Designs True Bias Victory Patterns Violette Field Threads

    And there’s a giveaway, too!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway >julia cardigan white jalie jeans sew a straight line-1
    Julia Cardigan (affiliate link): Pattern by Mouse House Creations.  Fabric is heathered jersey knit from Jo-Ann Stores
    Tee: American Eagle
    Jeans:  Pattern is 2908 by Jalie.  Fabric is stretch denim from Jo-Ann Stores
    Belt: American Eagle
    Wedges: Thrifted

    I was given the Julia Cardigan to sew and tell you about.  I got to pick out what pattern I wanted, and was super excited to get this one! Everything I wrote about the Julia is my own opinion.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2014

    Dungeons and Dragons for the 21st Century

    I had to play along with this week’s them over at Project Run and Play.  It’s 80’s Cartoon Inspiration.  Not costumes, but practical kids’ clothing inspired by the shows I vegged out to on Saturday mornings and after school, growing up.  Oh, yeah!  I chose a cartoon both my husband and I watched and loved as kids, Dungeons & Dragons.

    dungeons and dragons sew a straight line a 
    The premise of the show is six kids get on a ride at an amusement park called, can you guess? Dungeons and Dragons.  Somehow, during the ride, they’re transported into another dimension where they are met by the Dungeon Master who gives them their weapons and assignments, and then they have to go off and fight dragons and a guy with horns named Vector, all while trying to figure out how to get back to their home dimension.  Or something.  It’s been a while. 

    But I loved this show as a kid!  My sisters and I all watched it together.  It’s the only cartoon I remember us all watching, since there was a total of 11 year age spread across the five of us.  My second oldest sister had a crush on the leader of the D&D gang, Hank the Ranger.  He was cool and level headed and had a longbow that shot light arrows, and feathered hair.  Total dream boat.  So that’s the look I used for my inspiration.  In the cartoon, the Ranger wears a leather tunic with what I’m guessing are studs (?), a hooded shirt, and green tights.  But what would Hank wear if he was transported to 2014? 

    I’m going to go with this:

    dungeons and dragons cartoon hank ranger sew a straight line-13
    Motorcycle jacket, green hoodie, and camo pants.  And his mom’s sunglasses he stole and then looked so good in, she decided to just go with it. 

    dungeons and dragons cartoon hank ranger sew a straight line-2
    The hoodie is the Skyline Hoodie from Ottobre 4/2013.  It’s huge.  I knew, from looking at the sample in the magazine, that it would be an oversized fit, and it is.  It actually fits me, other than the sleeve length!  Hopefully that means Kael won’t outgrow it in the next couple of weeks.  I really love the cross-over design of the hoodie at the neckline, just like what Hank wears in the cartoon.

    dungeons and dragons cartoon hank ranger sew a straight line-17

    I used a soft knit interlock from Nuttal’s in Salt Lake in kelly green for the hoodie.  So it’s pretty much an oversized hooded tee shirt, instead of a sweatshirt.  All the seams are fully finished, inside and out, making it reversible, in case Kael every decides he’d rather not broadcast his D&D love.

    dungeons and dragons cartoon hank ranger sew a straight line-7

    And just how big of a nerd am I?  Well.  Instead of sleeping one night, I laid a bed and came up with a crest that would symbolize all six characters from the cartoon.  It’s pretty impressive, I know.  The wizard, the cavalier, the thief, the acrobat, the barbarian, and the archer, all rolled up into one awe-inspiring iron-on crest. 

    dungeons-and-dragons a
    If  you want to be as nerdy as me, you can download my design HERE (hosted on Craftsy, affiliate link). 
    D&D cartoon crest sew a straight line

    The image is already reversed for you, so be aware of that when printing.  I used TAP (affiliate link) and markers to trace out my design, then ironed it directly onto the finished hoodie. 

    dungeons and dragons cartoon hank ranger sew a straight line-15
    I just thought this was a cool picture.

    Next, the pants.
    dungeons and dragons cartoon hank ranger sew a straight line-4
    Also Ottobre, this time from 4/2014, Willy W Pants.  I wanted a green pant, but I needed something that was practical for a kid that doesn’t really pay much attention to matching and coordinating.  Camo is a neutral, so says me, and it brought the green of Ranger’s look in nicely without the fear of my kid trying to head for school totally clashing with whatever shirt he throws on with them.  They’re just a basic pant: hip pockets, zip fly, back patch pockets.  The leg fronts are cut as three pieces, but that detail is lost in the camo print I used.  The fabric is twill from Jo-Ann, the same I used for the Urban Hoodie in my STYLO shoot.

    dungeons and dragons cartoon hank ranger sew a straight line-8
    And then there’s the jacket.

    dungeons and dragons cartoon hank ranger sew a straight line-11

    A motorcycle jacket in treated canvas with all the bells and whistles.  The shoulders are quilted, zippered pockets, zippered cuffs, fully lined.  It’s pretty rad.  Unfortunately, I screwed up at the waistband.  I wasn’t paying attention to the pattern while sewing, and thought I’d cut the waistband too long.  So I trimmed it to fit the bottom of the jacket.  The pattern is designed so that the waistband crossed over in front by a couple of inches.  I lost that by trimming, and am super bummed about it.  blergh.  

    dungeons and dragons cartoon hank ranger sew a straight line-9

    Honestly, this thing was kind of a beast to sew.  The cuffs completely confused me, but I finally got them figured out.  And the end result is just so incredibly cool.

    dungeons and dragons cartoon hank ranger sew a straight line-12
    And I think it’s a pretty good update to Hank’s leather tunic.  You know, if the Dungeon Master ever decides to send the kids back to our dimension, only 30 years after they first left.


    Yep, I’d follow this Ranger into battle, or onto an inter-dimensional roller coaster.
     dungeons and dragons cartoon hank ranger sew a straight line-10

    Jacket:  Motorcycle Jacket by Ottobre, 4/2014, pattern #40.  Size 152.  Fabric is treated outdoor canvas from an unkown eBay seller

    .  Lining is from  Hardware is from Jo-Ann Stores
    Hoodie: Skyline Hoodie by
    Ottobre 4/2013, pattern #40. Size 152.  Fabric is interlock knit blend from Nuttal’s in SLC
    Pants:  Willy W Pants by
    Ottobre 4/2014, pattern #38.  Size 158.  Fabric is camouflage twill from Jo-Ann Stores
    Palladium (affiliate link) 
    Zulily (affiliate link)

    Thursday, September 4, 2014

    Schoolboy Vest x 3

    Today, let’s talk the Schoolboy Vest by Sew Much Ado. 

    schoolboy vest sew a straight line-1

    You can dress it up or down.  Every boy should have a vest in their closet.  And this pattern is fantastic.  Like, really, really good.  It has all the classic vest features:  fully lined, optional back ties, welt pockets (faux or real).

    schoolboy vest sew a straight line-4

    What I like most about Sew Much Ado patterns is that I always, always learn something new in them.  They’re like mini sewing lessons, not just patterns.  Abby, the designer, knows her sewing stuff and it’s like I’m getting one-on-one instruction when I read her patterns.   I’ve made vest before.  I liked how they turned out.  But with this vest, the way you do the lining is just so cool.  I would never have figured out her technique on my own, but I am never using anything different now. 

    schoolboy vest sew a straight line-5
    The fit on the vests is great.  The range is fantastic, too, going from 6m – 12 years.  You’ll get tons of life out of this pattern.

    schoolboy vest sew a straight line-3  
    I wanted to do the back ties on my boys’ vests.  But I totally forgot to buy the little buckle friend thing you need.  Or three of them.  So I had to skip it.  But the next time?  We’re doing back ties. 

    schoolboy vest sew a straight line-6 
    Also, next time, remind me not to try to do photo shoots with all three boys.  They are always going in different directions.  Always.

    schoolboy vest sew a straight line-9
    But at least they look good doing…whatever they are doing.

    The Schoolboy Vest is part of the Perfect Pattern Parcel, available through tomorrow only!! You name the price, get the patterns, and sew your kids up amazing clothing that totally rocks.  Sounds good, right?  Get it here:

    Buy Pattern Parcel #4The Parcel includes:
    Zippy Jacket by Blank Slate Patterns - Maxwell Top by Shwin Designs – Jet Pack by Betz White - Schoolboy Vest by Sew Much Ado - Small Fry Jeans by Titchy Threads.  The Knight Hoodie is a bonus pattern you get at a certain price point.

    Pattern Parcel #4

    Buy Pattern Parcel #4

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