Thursday, July 24, 2014

Otto for Kids Clothes Week

This boy.  He just keeps growing and I am scrambling to keep up.  For Kids Clothes Week, he got a new pair of shorts, and today we’re pairing them with a muscle tank I made earlier in the summer and never posted about.  Both are Ottobre, or as I say, Otto, because we’re tight like that.

ottobre tank and shorts sew a straight line-6

He’s been wearing the tank everywhere and anywhere.  The fabric is an organic knit by Znok! purchased from Kitschy Coo, and it’s washed so well.  Ice cream, snow cones, syrup, soda, pretty much any thing sticky and stainy, he’s dropped it down the front of himself, and it’s all washed out and looks brand new still. So worth the extra money.  Remind me of that the next time I’m tempted by some cheap jersey, please.

ottobre tank and shorts sew a straight line-9

The back features some athletic mesh from J0-Ann Stores, and the binding is also from Jo-Ann: a denim-look knit I used in these shirts almost two years ago.  The pattern is the Ottobre 1/2013 #15 Victor Mesh Tank, same as I used in this tank last year.  Only now he’s outgrown the pattern range, so I had to grade it up for him. 

ottobre tank and shorts sew a straight line-5

I think I could have made it a bit wider, but other than that, I’m happy with it and need to make a few more quickly before he grows again! 

ottobre tank and shorts sew a straight line-3 

Now the shorts.  He’s pretty much been wearing the same two pair of shorts all summer.  I know.  But I just haven’t made the time to make him any more.  Thankfully, Kids Clothes Week gave me the push I needed and a 3.5 hour nap from Ivy gave me the time. 

ottobre tank and shorts sew a straight line-4
Another Ottobre, these are the Simple Style Bermudas from 3/2014 (#38), shortened.  The pattern goes to mid calf, and I wanted right around the knee.  I went with View A, which has the back pockets and the really rad arced piecing along the bum and back legs.   The fabric is some camo cotton ripstop from Jo-Ann.  I had it leftover from Uniform pants I made here.  I barely had enough to get these shorts cut out, so it’s a good thing I wanted them to be shorter than suggested.  I did make the shorts a size too big.  Hopefully they’ll last him through the next couple of months!  And I guess now, I need to start making him pants for fall.

ottobre tank and shorts sew a straight line-2       

Ottobre 1/2013 #15 Victor Mesh Tank, graded to size 152.  Fabric is organic knit by Znok! from Kitschy Coo, athletic mesh and dark grey knit from Jo-Ann Stores
Shorts:  Ottobre 3/2014 #38 Simple Style Bermudas, size 158.  Fabric is cotton ripstop from Jo-Ann Stores 
Belt: Thrifted
Flip-Flops:  Old Navy
Jewerly: an old ring of mine from college he found and has been wearing ever since

And the obligatory “Kael” pose
ottobre tank and shorts sew a straight line-1

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Riverwalk Dress

Let me show you my new summer dress I made with the Riverwalk Dress pattern from Seamingly Smitten.
riverwalk dress sew a straight line-8  
Super fast to sew, you can use wovens or knits. I used a fabulous border print knit from Walmart, of all places.  It’s actually a really great quality, a nice drape and not too thin, and has washed well so far.  I have a friend you used to joke that there were two Sears, the regular Sears where you’d buy boring whatever, and then Sears Actually, where you somehow would find something amazing and cute and when someone would ask you if you got it from some hip little place, you’d say, “No, Sears, actually!”.  I kind of feel like saying that about this fabric: I got it at Walmart Of All Places!

riverwalk dress sew a straight line-7 
And it was $2/yard.  Crazy.  I bought it a few months ago, with no particular project in mind.  When I saw the Riverwalk Dress pattern, I knew it would be the perfect thing to show off a border print.  And I love how it turned out!

The Riverwalk is a women’s pattern with a great size range of 0-26, that flatters pretty much any body type.  There are a couple of different options, including various skirt lengths.  I extended my skirt length even further than the pattern options, making mine a maxi.  

riverwalk dress sew a straight line-2     

I really wanted to belt my Riverwalk, but have yet to find a belt that I really like with it.  There is an option in the pattern for a sash, and I may end up making one out of the purple border.  Maybe.  Or I will just keep wearing it as is.  It’s super comfortable and easy to style.  It’s just a perfect pattern for summer, then throw a jacket over the top, and some boots on your feet, and your set for cooler weather, too!

riverwalk dress sew a straight line-12    
You can pick up your own copy of the Riverwalk Sundress pattern at Seamingly Smitten for 50% off, along with any other patterns you may want to pick up through Friday of this week, using the coupon code PATTERNTOUR50 at checkout.pattern tour coupon
Enter to win FIVE Seamingly Smitten patterns!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And make sure to check out all the beautiful women’s looks featured in the Seamingly Smitten tour.

Seamingly Smitten pattern tour July 2014

riverwalk dress sew a straight line-9
I was given the Riverwalk Dress pattern to sew and share.  It is a great pattern, clear and well drafted.  You should buy it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sassy Little Soleil

Oh, hi!  Remember me?  I know, it’s been a while.  Summer, you know how it is.  And now, suddenly, summer is half over and I guess now’s as good a time as any to show off some of the things I’ve been sewing, but haven’t gotten around to sharing yet.  Like this little sassafrass’s Elephant Soleil dress.

elephant soliel dress sew a straight line-1 
You may remember this fabric from my first attempt at the Hey June! Kensington Dress, you know, the last time I posted, oh, three weeks ago.  Ivy loves this Happy Elephant fabric.  She saw it up on my knit shelf shortly after I received it from Kitschy Coo, and demanded I take it down for her to look at.  She clung to the fabric, grinned and said, “Oh thank you, mommy! My Elephant Dress!” and then got super, super upset when she unrolled the yard and discovered it was not yet a dress, or anything really, other than a yard of Happy Elephants.  But lucky, spoiled little girl, now she has two Elephant Dresses: the Kensington for next year, and a Soleil for now.

elephant soliel dress sew a straight line-2  
Like I said the last time I made a Soleil, I love this pattern.  It is just so stinkin’ cute.  The fit, the pockets, the binding.

elephant soliel dress sew a straight line-4
And that little opening in the back.  Ack! Adorable Perfection.

elephant soliel dress sew a straight line-5
Especially when styled by Ivy with her favorite pink cowboy boots.  I was going to put her in some sandals for the photoshoot, but this look is *so* Ivy, I decided to just go with it.  

elephant soliel dress sew a straight line-3

2.5 feet tall and looking for trouble.

Dress: Soleil Dress Pattern from Selvage Designs, fabric is Happy Elephant by Znok! from Kitschy Coo
Boots: Circo from Target

Friday, June 27, 2014

Hey June! Kensington Dress!

Last day of my Hey June love fest, and I am really excited about this one.  The Kensington Dress.  It is so cute.

kensington dress sew a straight line-10 

kensington dress sew a straight line-8
This was the second Kensington Dress I made.  The first, I ignored the sizing chart and just went with a size 2.  Ivy doesn’t wear a size 2 in anything, but I was using some fancy-shmancy imported fabric, and didn’t want to make something she’d quickly outgrow.  So I made a Happy Elephant Kensington that ended up pretty much drowning Ivy.  But now she has a fun dress waiting for her next year!

kensington dress sew a straight line-1-2 
The Happy Elephant fabric is by Znok  Design, purchased from Kitschy Coo HERE

I’m not sad about the too-big dress, though.  And not just because Ivy will grow into it.  I had originally wanted to make a Kensington nearly identical to the striped with floral one featured on the cover of the pattern.  Ivy had insisted on the elephant fabric for the first, and then I didn’t have enough of it left over to make a second Kensington.  So I used the leftover elephant fabric to make her a dress from another pattern to appease her demands  (that I’ll blog about later, and that Ivy is wearing in the pictures with my Union St Tee), and made her the Kensington I had wanted to make her all along, this time in her in actual size.

kensington dress sew a straight line-6 
And the fit is awesome, with a bit of room to grow but not too big.  Crazy how helpful size charts can be!

The blue/white stripe knit is from Girl Charlee and the contrasting woven fabric is Indian Summer leftovers I had from her Clover Shorts I made a few weeks ago.  I adore the Indian Summer line, and this particular design is my very favorite, so I was super excited to get to use what little of it had left over in such a prominent, fun way. 

kensington dress sew a straight line-5 
The Kensington pattern has a ton of options for sleeve lengths, tee or dress, placket or not, bound neckline, pockets.  I had done a really straight-forward, simple Kensington with the elephant fabric, not finding anything in my stash that I liked to go with it.  But I love the details the placket and pockets add.  So very cute, and just make the dress seem more polished and professional.

kensington dress sew a straight line-12
The first dress was a super fast sew.  The pattern is clear and detailed, easy to follow, and everything came together without an issue at all.  The second dress, with the added options, took more time.  But the instructions are so good.  I struggle with plackets that have that little extended tab at the bottom.  They just confuse me to no end and I’ve never had one turn out like I would have liked.  Until now.  The Kensington instructions walked me through it so well, that I had it finished and looking awesome before I even realized it.  I got to the step just before being completely done with the placket, and went back through the instructions to see what I had missed, because I couldn’t believe it had been so easy and it was already done!

kensington dress sew a straight line-7    
And once the pockets and plackets were in place, the rest was easy-breezy.

kensington dress sew a straight line-11

And I think, other than how adorable it is, that’s what I like most about this pattern:  that it can be as simple or as complicated as you want (and the complicated isn’t that complicated).  I can make play dresses and tee shirts for her wardrobe staples, and then add fun pieces like tabbed-sleeved tops and front-placket dresses, all from the same pattern.  And the pattern range is 18 m – 10, so we’ll be using it for a long, long time.  
  kensington dress sew a straight line-14

You can pick up the Kensington Dress pattern HERE, see all of Hey June Handmade patterns HERE, and see my other posts on the Hey June patterns I’ve sewn by clicking each of these:

Greenpoint Cardigan and Edelweiss Dress
Union St Tee
Lane Raglan.

In conclusion, I really love my Hey June patterns, they’re pretty much the best. 

kensington dress sew a straight line-9

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hey June! Lane Raglan!

Yesterday I declared my love for the Union St Tee pattern from Hey June Handmade.  Today, lemme tell you a little bit about my feelings for the Hey June Lane Raglan.

lane raglan sweatshirt sew a straight line-3

This was the first Lane Raglan I sewed up.  I made it this past winter, right after the pattern was released, using some floral sweatshirt knit from Girl Charlee.    I love the Lane as a sweatshirt because it’s super cozy with a great fit that isn’t big and boxy like a lot of sweatshirts.   I wore this at least weekly from the time I finished it until the weather finally decided to warm up.  I have been eyeing sweatshirt fleece ever since, hoping to make at least one more for next fall/winter. 

lane raglan sweatshirt sew a straight line-1
This pattern is SUCH a quick sew.  The hem and arms are both banded, so there is no hemming at all.  You can sew the whole thing on your serger, if you’re so inclined.  I messed up on the neck of this one.  It gaps a little.  Still, love it.

lane raglan sweatshirt sew a straight line-4 
My second Lane  neck does not gap, and is more appropriate for summer days.

lane raglanshort sleeve sew a straight line-2

The cute little pocket is included in the pattern.  I shortened the sleeves to almost-but-not-quite cap sleeves, and didn’t do the band around the hem.  Because I wasn’t doing the band, I lengthened the body of the shirt.  I wish I had lengthened it just a bit more, but other than that, I’m really happy with the tee!

lane raglanshort sleeve sew a straight line-1
The pink knit was some I picked up at SAS Fabric in LA last summer, and the grey used to belong to my husband’s tee shirt.  But not anymore!  Too bad for him.

lane raglanshort sleeve sew a straight line-3

And those are my Lane Raglans, a pattern for all seasons.  Pick it up HERE

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hey June! Union St Tee!

Hey guys! Let’s talk more Hey June!  Today it’s the Union St Tee.

floral union street tee sew a straight line-4

The Union St Tee is Hey June’s newest release.  It’s a women’s tee pattern with two neckline options and four sleeve lengths.  Now, I’ve sewn a few tee shirts for myself over the past couple of years.  This pattern is the best.

floral union street tee sew a straight line-2

My favorite tees ever are from Target, the Mossimo boyfriend tees.  This Union St Tee fits just like them.  I may have squeeled just a little when I put my first Union on, after sewing, I was so excited.  It’s the classic perfect tee shirt. The length is perfect, the neckline is some sort of fabulousness, and the fit is just right.  I followed the size chart,which goes off of bust and hip measurments, to get my size.  The knit I used is a mystery.  I have no idea where I got it.  Maybe Jo-Ann in the red tag?  But it’s got a fun large floral print to it, with kind of a retro feel.

floral union street tee sew a straight line-3

As soon as I finished my first Union St., I started cutting out a second.  This one is out of a funky cupid-print waffle knit from Girl Charlee.

cupid union street tee sew a straight line-3 
Ivy wanted to be in this photo shoot.  We took a few with just me, but all my favorites ended up being the ones with her.  

cupid union street tee sew a straight line-6
Now, let’s discuss the necklines here.  The instructions walk you through things completely step by step, which is especially helpful with the V-neck.  The results are fabulous.  These are some of the best necklines I’ve ever sewn, and they were so easy!

Ivy makes this face, we call it “The Face”.  It cracks me up.  And it turns out I look like a frog when I try to make it.  But how cute is my shirt?!

 cupid union street tee sew a straight line-9cupid union street tee sew a straight line-10cupid union street tee sew a straight line-11    

That picture on the far left, that’s a moth flying across the lens.  Our backyard has been swarming with them.  It’s kind of insane.   Felt the need to explain the blur on my pants.  Carry on.

The Union St Tee: if you only ever buy one women’s tee shirt pattern, it needs to be this one.  For further proof of how awesome this pattern is, just check out all of the other Union St Tees that have been featured on the pattern tour.  You can find them all, as they post, on Crafterhours


Today, make sure to check out Jess from Craftiness is Not Optional.  She always does the most beautiful sewing.

cupid union street tee sew a straight line-4

I was given the Union St Tee pattern to sew and show off because my job is awesome!  mwah!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hey June Fan Club

hey june fan club sleeve sew a straight line-2

This is how it went down.  I was sewing up a couple of Union St. Tees for Hey June Handmade’s Hey June Tour.  The pattern is fabulous, and I was loving it and thinking about how much I also really loved the Lane Raglan pattern from Hey June.  I had made up a sweatshirt with that pattern this past winter, wore it all.the.time, but somehow had never blogged it.  Okay, I thought, I’ll just blog the Lane the same week as the Union St, and make a two-day event of it.  I should probably sew up another Lane, since I’d been meaning to, and throw that in the mix.  Oh! and I had another Hey June pattern hanging around on my to-sew list, so maybe I’d sew that one up real fast, too, and add another day.  And hey! (june), if I’m doing three patterns, why not talk about all five Hey June patterns I own, because they are all fabulous and amazing and I’m pretty much a total Hey June fangirl and might as well embrace it.   


Hey June:  Adrianna of Crafterhours is the designer.  She is hilarious and talented and one of my very favorite people I’ve never actually met.  Ever one of her patterns I’ve sewn, I marvel at how well she’s put it all together.  Sometimes I sew a pattern, and even if I really like it, I feel like I have to tweak things just a tiny bit to get them to look right.  Never with Hey June.  The fit is always awesome, the finish always perfect.  And Hey June donates 25% of all pattern sales to charity.   That’s a lot of percentage to give away. 

I had originally planned on sewing up new Greenpoint Cardigans and Edelweiss Dresses for my Fan Club Week.  But something about giving myself three days to do it all yada yada yada, it didn’t happen.  Instead, allow me to direct you to the super rad Greenpoint Cardigan I made Jonas a year and a half ago.  

It has been in heavy rotation ever since.  For proof, see Easter 2013:

easter 3 
Or Sew in Tune 2014

90s grunge fashion kurt cobain Sew a Straight Line-16
I love this sweater.  Jonas loves this sweater.  He’s even tried to wear it without a shirt to school.  Claims it showed off his muscles.

Hard to argue with that.

Speaking of my Instagram, I shared this the other day:

Ivy wearing her Edelweiss for a second summer. 

This is what it looked like on her last summer when she was slightly less happy about having her picture taken:

edelweiss dress-26

I love that it’s grown with her, from short dress (there is a longer option, too), to a cute top.  And that back off-center button detail is just the sweetest thing ever.

edelweiss dress-20 

You can pick up the Greenpoint Cardigan and Edelweiss Dress from Hey June HERE

And you can stay tuned the rest of the week for more gushing about Hey June patterns, including the Lane Raglan, Union St Tee and Kensington Dress/Tee.  Yay Hey June!

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