Monday, November 12, 2012

scenes from the sweatshop

My mom and I are in the thick of sewing Christmas pajamas.  This is our third year of making matching PJs for each of my mom’s grandkids.  You can see past years HERE and HERE

This year we’re going with flannel, 24.5 yards of it.  Here is what 73 feet of fabric looks like straight off the bolt(s) (three of them)


And this is the depressing view as I spent a morning ironing the snake-like beast that I pulled from my dryer a couple of hours later


Well, not entirely depressing.  I had good company.  And Ivy seriously thought the train of twisted fabric was the most fun thing ever to play with.  Especially when she’d pull it down from the ironing board and I’d freak out.  Super fun.


Plus, she was sporting her “Glamor Shots by Deb” look that day, which always makes for a good time.

My mom and I spent one full day cutting everything out, laughing and visiting.  I love working along side my mom. It always amazes me how quickly the time goes by when I’m with her, and how enjoyable an otherwise tedious task can be when we’re doing it together.


By the end of the day, we had stacks of  cut flannel pattern pieces labeled, bundled and ready to go.


This past Friday, Mom was back with her sewing machine.  My sister, Elaine, came with her kids to keep us company, help with my kids, and pretty much be our go-for all day long. It was  Especially because Elaine did all the ironing.   It snowed the entire day, which made the whole day that much better, all merry and wintery.  Perfect day for sewing pajamas.
We got nine pairs of bottoms completely finished, a good start on the tops,  and about 12 inches of snow that day. 

Everyone is scheduled to be out here again today. Plus, another sister is coming along for the fun and games, too.  That means I’ll have TWO other people to do my ironing!  So, no snow forecasted, but it should be another productive day. 


Stitched Together said...

I do love to read about your pyjama sweat shop each year. It never ceases to amaze me that you do it! At least you have good company nor do you have to do the ironing whilst you sew! Good luck with today's endeavour.

Reno said...

I think it would be terrific fun to help with this project. I'd gladly help with the ironing just for the great company!

Christina said...

That sounds like so much fun. Wishing I had that amount of family that would enjoy partaking in something like this with me. AND the SNOW you got is awesome. Doesnt snow where I live :(. Love your Pajama posts!

Suzanne Winter said...

wow - that is ALOT of PJs! I'm doing PJ pants for 7 this year and thought that was a lot ;op

Cuscini said...

You will remember making those pjs with your mom until the end of your days -- and the rest of the family will remember the love shared with them until the end of their days as well. What a wonderful, heart-warming project -- so glad you shared it with us!
Lots of love,

Christie said...

That just makes me want to sew all day with it snowing outside and good company. Sounds like so much fun!! And so cozy and happy:).

Charity said...

Wow, that is a lot of fabric! And ironing it must have taken next to forever! It is lovely to spend the time sewing with your family though. =)

saskia said...

sweat shop is right, all that ironing!

Kimberly said...

Aside from creating pjs, you are creating wonderful memories with your family. Sounds like fun!

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