Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fancy Pants

I recently took the Pant Fitting Techniques class through CraftsyWhen I was contacted by them, I thought it was perfect timing, as I’ve been psyching myself up to make a pair of paints for myself.  The last time didn’t go so well, and I’ve been researching as much as I can before diving back in.  A class on fitting was exactly what I needed.  Pant Fitting Techniques is four hours of individual segments taught by Sandra Betzina. 

For a video course, they’re surprisingly engaging.  Betzina is excellent at explaining and is so personable, it really is easy to listen to her.  You can even ask her questions directly and see other questions from other “students”, and her responses.  Pretty cool.  There were times I got a bit bored with the class, as she goes over quite a bit about fitting to bodies that aren’t the same shape as mine, so not applicable to me at this point.  But all in all, it really was a great class and I took quite a few notes that I’m excited to apply in my sewing and fitting.  

So, I took the class and learned to fit pants.  And not just any pants, either.  The course uses Vogue 2948 , which comes free when you sign up for the course.


Honestly, I wasn’t super excited about this pattern.  But I decided to make the most of it and have some fun with the fabric.  How much fun?  Well.


I know. 
Oh, how I know. 
Fancy, right? 

Christie was over sewing with me while I was going through the fitting process.  We were both laughing so hard, we could hardly breathe.   Lucky for all of us, she took pictures!


I swear, the flappy seams are part process.  The print just adds to the allure.


And from all of that flappy craziness, I really did end up with some really nice-fitting pants.  The pattern makes a much looser fit through the legs, so I did take mine in quite a bit, to make a very skinny fit.   I kept on pattern for the rise, and I’m not sure it was the best choice for me.


That super awesome late-night-torn-sweatshirt-mirror shot  is the only one I have of the pants in their true, full glory.  Yeah, not a fan of the rise-style at all.  But did you notice the fit through the legs and hips? Pretty good, right?  Also, I do like the pockets.  See those up there?  They’re right at the waist band. 


Fancy Pants.

So fancy I had to enlist a fashion-forward friend to help me style them so I wouldn’t be too embarrassed to show them to you all. 


I think the biggest issue with the pants isn’t the print.  I’m pretty okay with print and bold colors.  I think the real problem is that I took the pants in, hoping to achieve a skinny-jean look, but the pattern isn’t for a skinny jean.  It’s for a super high-waisted trouser, and the fit is just different. 

Betzina actually goes over this in the class, and it’s one of the areas I took the most notes on.  There’s even a worksheet on fits of different styles of pants, with illustrations that explain things in ways I never would have noticed on my own.  Before the class, I would have just been able to say these pants have “crazy crotch” and not known why.  Because of the Craftsy class, I know it’s because I tried to make a pattern be something it wasn’t meant to be, without changing a critical area before I cut into my fabric. 

Not such good news for these pants, but I feel much more confident going into my next pair.  Plus, I can go back and rewatch Betzina’s lessons in my Craftsy account whenever I need them. 

And in the meantime, I have these fancy pants


Pants so awesome, they even have their own theme song!

Start at 1:20

Craftsy is offering all of you the opportunity to make your own pants, as fancy as you want them.  You can click HERE ** to take the Pant Fitting Techniques course for 40% off! 

**For some reason my hyperlinks to the discount aren’t working.  I’m trying to get things fixed, but for now you can copy/paste this into your browser to go directly to the right page:**


Then we can all be fancy together!


Jessica said...

SABRA! These are so awesome and hilarious. They actually don't look so ridiculous with the jacket and scarf. And I totally thought of the SNL skit where WIll Forte dances around a locker room singing that song. It's one of my all time faves.

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

the pants ended up looking great on you!!! I love what you paired it with in that outfit! I still love that we both had the same idea...HA!

Stitched Together said...

I've been scared off making pants because I have a hard enough time finding ready make that fit me that I knew I would have to adjust a pattern to fit. Knowing there is a Craftsy class on the subject means that one day I may even get around to doing it rather than sticking with my repertoire of skirts.

Reno said...

I think you carry that look just great!

Melissa (Melly Sews) said...

So awesome! I LOVE that you took a risk and posted these.

Sew Much Ado said...

Oh Sabra, you are hilarious! You can totally pull off "fancy pants"! I love your sense of humor, and am jealous that you can make anything look good! I really do like the pants though, the print is fun and I think the fit looks perfect on you!

Christie said...

Ack! I totally love how they turned out! Look at that fit! Seriously, I love 'em. And loved seeing some of the process. So fun. :-)

Christie said...

Ack! I totally love how they turned out! Look at that fit! Seriously, I love 'em. And loved seeing some of the process. So fun. :-)

Alida L. said...

I love how you styled your fancy pants :-)

scorpioncheri said...

beautiful print and the pants look great !

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