Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Falling for Science



Christie, my sister, Suzi, and I put on our second annual Science Camp this past June with our kids. You can read all the dirty details of our inaugural year HERE. Good stuff. This year our theme was Falling for Science and we focused on physics. We had 12 kids ages three to [almost] 13. DSC_0140

And I also brought along a baby


And my mom to help with that baby.


Suzi brought her husband who helped out around camp, cooked for us and showed off some mad barbering skills when my six-year old decided camp would be better if he could actually see.


Christie designed the shirts

We used the homemade silk screen again this year, only this time we did them before camp so we were ready to go once we got there.  I LOVE the little glasses with the year on the front.
  DSC_0057 We reused our Explorer Satchels.DSC_0063
This year they were packed with a composition book, colored pencils, mechanical pencils, magnifying glass, flashlight, and a measuring tape.

Our schedule was planned more loosely this time.  schedule 2012

A good chunk of time was devoted to Centers, allowing more self-guided and hands-on learning to reinforce each subject between lessons.


There was a lot of free time, but the kids filled it well; giggling, playing, trips to the creek, and even some sweet, quiet moments


Caleb won the prize for coolest Goldfish conglomeration


And Ivy impressed us all with her Thriller-esque dance moves.


Just kidding.  But pushing her around in this walker was a hugely popular activity among the younger kids.

Suzi’s kids had brought along a Chess set and we had games going from dawn to dusk, between science, every day.


Next year we’re going to have to bring more sets.  I was surprised how popular a game it was with all the kids.

A local rancher had killed a rattlesnake just outside our building early on the second day at camp.  The kids found the body laying on the ground.  Anthony and Luca had pocket knives.  Some impromptu dissection occurred.


All the kids were fascinated.

IMG_8394Yay science?

Tomorrow I’ll go into more detail on the lessons and actual planned activities we had going on.  I really love that we do this camp.  It was a lot harder this year for me with both my baby and my [at the time] three-year old there along with my other two.  But we seriously have the best kids ever.  I adore every one of these kids.  They are smart and funny, good-natured and get along so well.  Plus, I get to hang out with my amazing sister and one of my very best friends. So yeah, yay science!



**Thanks, Christie, for a bulk of the pictures!


Kate said...

This is awesome!! As a biology professor I heartily approve! Science is so cool - these are lucky, lucky kids!! :)

The Cutesie-Tootsie Gublers said...

Yes, they are very lucky to have people in their lives who put it all together!

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