Saturday, December 31, 2011

looking back at 2011


Since this is all I’ve really done for the past almost-two weeks


(and loved every minute of it!), I thought it might be ego-boosting fun to end the year with a review of times I actually showered, dressed, and worked on being productive.  So here is a little list of most of the projects I’ve completed over the past year.  There were a few more things that I never got around to posting, but I’ll save those for next year.  If things continue as they have been, I’m going to need some padding in 2012 to make it look like I did more than snuggled sweet babies all day.  

(click on individual pictures to be taken to individual posts)

tutorials, original patterns and shared ideas

IMG_1159miniCaptureCapture sharebunny jacket 2IMG_1625harmonicaborder patternIMG_1825 buttonCaptureno messscrappybutton teddy bear loveysimple serged skirtjet packtouchdownexposed pintuckbuckled waistbandpregnant panels skirttravel pillowIMG_6527sheer buttoncircle clutchyoubowlmeoverstarter jacketIMG_7024in flight

completed projects and other fun stuff

Little Man Ties and Cal Patch Review
Mod Dress and Shirt Placket PJs
purple tightsCapture
Easter 2011: skirt for me and ties for the men
A couple of tops that doubled as maternity wear this past year
Halloween costumes for the Husband and me
And Ninjago for the boysIMG_6849edit
A completed nursery
Nine pairs of matching Christmas pajamas for some crazy kids

And of course, hergirl

It’s been a pretty good year!

Happy New Year!


Katy Cameron said...

Uh, I think you had a pretty productive year there lol Thank you for the pintuck cushion tutorial, I used it for my gran's Christmas pressie and she was overjoyed :o)

Happy new year!

LeighAnn said...

And a partridge in a pear tree! Happy New Year!

Reno said...

You have been very productive but I think that little girl is by far the best project of the year!

KimnSam said...

It's amazing all the awesome projects you've gotten done this year! Most amazing of course is that sweet little baby girl! Congratulations!

Carlee said...

Your baby is lovely. My last two weeks have been spent the exact same way since we must have had baby girls pretty much on the same day.

Christie said...

She's beautiful and my favorite project of yours ever. But what an awesome list of everything!

Delia said...

She's my favorite creation. :) What a sweet picture.

You did a lot last year woman! You amaze me!


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