Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flashback: Space Explorer party

A few years ago I threw a Space Explorer party for my oldest.  And if I do say so myself,  it was a seriously awesome party.  So wanted to share it here.  I have done a couple of other parties, Jedi Training and Hot Wheels themes, but this and the Mad Scientist are my favorites.

The inspiration for the party were actually little space communicator toys from Gap Kids.  They were on clearance, and my son had been asking for a space party.  When I realized that after coupon the belts would be about $1 each, I decided a space party we would have.

I made each guest a jet pack I made out of felt, ribbon, webbing and puffy paints

(at the time my son *had* to be called K__ Who Fights instead of just K___.  He would answer to nothing but the whole thing.)

This is the first one I made, and the boosters are uneven.  I swear I got better.  They’re super simple, and tomorrow I’ll share how I made them.  Not only were they a fun accessory and take-home gift, but they also served as the goodie-bags.

Everyone got a space tool belt, jet packs, and space goggles. Instructions for space flight were given

(I was pregnant  with #3 at the time)


and we took off for the asteroid belt, which was under our kitchen table I’d covered in black plastic.


In the asteroid belt they had to destroy an asteroid headed for the Earth by removing each layer of it one at a time. Small toys were hidden in each layer of an aluminum foil ball.  Each child took a turn removing a layer, revealing the toy for that layer and then passing it to the next child.  Each child got to remove three layers, and I had staggered the toy placement so that every child received three different toys.


From there they flew to Jupiter where a lively game of Moons of Jupiter was played.  I laid out “moons” on the front room floor and we did it musical chairs-style, playing music and removing moons until only one child was left. 


Then, my favorite part, Mars Rocks. They flew to Mars where special space relics had been hidden inside Mars Rocks. They took turns retrieving the rocks from the rock pit and taking them to the Space Lab where they would dip them in the Space Potion to reveal the relic. I used an indoor jump/pool thing and filled it with balloons.  Then I added baking soda rocks, this time colored with food coloring.  Each child used kitchen tongs to find a rock, then brought them to me to have them dissolved in the vinegar and get their surprise toy hidden inside.


As the kids found all these toys in the rocks and asteroid, they were placed inside their jet packs, which they all wore the entire party.


I baked cakes in various sized baking bowls to make planets…and Pluto.   There were a little oddly shaped, but you get the idea, right?


And we did star-shaped frozen orange juice floating in Sprite to drink.


Present opening and done!  This was such a great party to throw.  It did take some preparation, but the activities kept all the kids interested and engaged.  I loved how excited all the kids were to have their own, personalized jet packs.  So tune in tomorrow for the low-down on making some for a space explorer, or a whole crew, in your life.

ETA 7/14/11:  Jet Pack tutorial is up.  Click below:
jet pack


Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

C had SO much fun at that party and we still love that jet pack. Adorable. I can't believe how young our kids look!

Delia said...

Are you kidding me? That back pack is awesome. My boys would LOVE that. You are such a creative mom. I can't wait for the tutorial.

We have your gun holsters on our list too. You are seriously the queen of boy projects!

feelincrafty said...

Very fun! I love the jet pack back packs! My son's favortie song is jet pack by recess Monkey! And I love homemade party favors that the kids can play with for a long time.

Morgan said...

This. is. awesome.

LeighAnn said...

This is SO fun! My girls love space! I'm going to keep this idea in my back pocket. Right now I'm planning a France party.

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