Friday, February 18, 2011

Harmonica Jacket - Pattern PDF

As I described to my five year old the jacket I planned to make him, explaining in detail the elbow patches and the pockets (he’s a big fan of pockets) he gasped and asked, “You mean like a harmonica jacket?!”  Uh, maybe?
He received two harmonicas for his birthday earlier this month, and he’s frequently with one of them.  I wasn’t aware that he was in need of a jacket to wear while playing them, but it does seem to work nicely for that purpose, so the Harmonica Jacket it is.
The jacket is full of little details.  It’s a fully lined notch-collar jacket with double fish-eye darts in the front, two reverse safari pockets with flaps, faux-suede elbow patches, a back flap vent thing (technical term)

and a chest patch pocket that holds a standard sized harmonica perfectly.

I happened to have these buttons in my big jar of random notions and it’s possible I did a little dance when I found enough for the whole jacket.
If you have a little guy in your life in need of some harmonica-friendly accessorizing, you’re in luck.  Assuming that little guy wears about a 5/6 jacket.  I have the full pattern and instructions on PDF for you here (pattern hosted on Craftsy, affiliate link)   
IMG_1625harmonicaborder pattern
Please keep in mind:
-I’m not a professional and the pattern reflects that.  In fact, I thought about making a post about all the things that aren’t perfect:  the sleeve length, the back flap vent is kinda funky, the collar is a little bigger and pointier than I’d like, and the pockets are too close to the button plackets.  But overall, I still love it and so does my kid.  And it’s free, so that’s what you get.  Consider yourself warned.  It’s the pattern and construction process I used and should get you the same look, assuming that’s what you’re going for.  Or it can be used to help draft out your own ideas.  I’m good with whatever. 
-When printing the pattern, make sure to unclick the “auto-center” options, etc.  I’ve included a one inch square marking for the first page of each constructed pattern piece for you to compare, to make sure it’s printing at the needed size.
-If you do decide to get all crazy and make something off of my patterns and ideas, I’d love to know about it.  Feel free to shoot me an email or comment.  It totally makes my day.  If you blog or post anywhere about this jacket, please link directly back here with full credits.  For full terms of use regarding things I share on this blog, please refer to my TERMS OF USE.
And so now my son can match his bunny
Though really, he couldn’t care less about that, and actually told me he thinks his bunny “just looks weird” in the jacket.  Oh, well.  You can find the toy jacket pattern here if you feel differently.
bunny jacket 2
And just for fun, here is my son in his former harmonica-playing attire
self-taught and self-dressed

I know, like a tiny John Popper
Or not. 
But when you’re five and look this good, a little noise is easy to forgive.
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IMG_1625harmonicaborder pattern


Emily said...

This is awesome. So, so awesome.

Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

So stinkin' adorable, Sabra!

BLD in MT said...

I love that little harmonica dance! The new coat is perfect for the little musician!

Reno said...

That is one neat jacket! Good job.
Also- the video clutched at my heart. His Great-Grandpa Sanders played the harmonica (or Harp- as he called it) so I love that sound. It's in the genes!

~Beth D. said...

wow! I think it's perfect. My son would also love a "harmonica" jacket!

Have you heard of "Celebrate the Boy" month over at dana made look it up! (not trying to advertise. I Just love boy projects!)

ppags said...

can you share the amount of fabric (and the type, lightweight cord?) you used? If you remember, that is. Thanks a bunch! I am going to try to make it for my 5 yo too.

Ooty said...


Erica said...

First of all, your son is adorable! I think I need to try one of these for my 2 year old- perfect spring type jacket! Thanks for the pdf!
erica @

Sabra said...

Thank you, everyone,for the kind words and encouragment.

ppags: I used a bottomweight corduroy. The amounts are listed in the PDF itself, but it's 1.5 yards of outer material and 1.5 lining, with about .5 for the interfacing, and four buttons.

J A C Q U E L I N E said...

That looks great! It is so boy perfect! I love it

Sarah said...

you did an excellent job! I'm blown away! Csn't wait to make this jacket. LOVE IT!

Amanda said...

Happy Day! You were featured! :) Love if you stopped by!


Delia said...

You astound me Sabra. I love the elbow patches. I don't know what else to say. Your amazing talent has rendered me almost speechless. :)

ppags said...

Thank you Sabra! That's one of the only clothing item that my kid has requested so I am thrilled to make him something. I can't wait to buy the fabric and start making it for him.

Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

This is amazing. I love it! You are very talented, the details are simply stunning. And the fabric, amazing. Truly a "handsome" piece.

julieb said...

stalked you abck.
love your sewing projects.
i bookmarked this jacket in case i ever have boys..

Sachiko said...

So adorable!

Lei said...

Oh my goodness. So cute! The boy and the jackets!

casserole said...

This is such an awesome jacket! I love all those pockets, and the elbow patches!

I linked to your pattern on Craft Gossip Sewing:


Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

What an absolute cutie! Found the tutorial on Craft Gossip - love it! Thanks for sharing :)

The Extra Ordinary Bree said...

Jackets are hard but this is adorable. Seriously.

maho said...

thank you for this adorable cute jacket! i think i will make it for the next fall or winter :-) (after all it is starting to be warmer in Israel...)

maleahbliss said...

I featured you this week!!!
Come check it out and grab your featured button! :)

feelincrafty said...

Impressive! I would love to do this one! It's so detailed and beautiful, maybe a bit more than I could do... Wanted to let you know that I included in my blog's link love last Friday.

Tracy King said...

Thank you so much for this amazing boy pattern!! I have such a hard time dreaming up things for my son. With 3 girls it just comes naturally to think in ruffles but he is starting to feel left out. If I manage to make this I will send you a pic.

Rita said...

Oh, I love this jacket!!! Absolutly love it!!!

LittleBlueBirdsMom said...

I'm having a hard time finding the actual pattern. I would love to make this for my little man for the fall. He will love it. I've tried both the link at the top of the page and the one that says "here" and goes to Google Docs but it says document not found. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My email is Thanks so much!

shantel said...

I featured this on my my blog!

Jen Conlon said...

Great tutorial! You've been featured on the Quality Sewing Tutorials blog.

We hand select only the best free tutorials and patterns for the home sewist.

Grab a brag button!

Sewing-Chick said...

Excellent! Thanks so much for posting this. My son will be four this winter, so I will totally be making this for him down the road!

Lourdes said...

LOL, I have to say I was mis-led by your post title. My dad plays the harmonica and I have been Hunting for the "perfect" gift for him. I thought it was going to be a pouch/sleeve for a harmonica...
The jacket is cute!!
I'll keep hunting.

Crafty Beth said...

I am so excited to have found this in time to make one for my boy's easter outfit! Lucky me, your pattern is exactly the size I need right now. I'll check back in to leave you a link once I get it done! Thanks so much for the freebie--this was a LOT of work for you and it's really nice of you to make it available to the masses!

Crafty Beth said...

I'm back with a question! I've got my pattern all assembled and I'm ready to cut fabric. If I leave out the back vent, could I just cut the back panels on the fold instead of cutting 2? And do you think the back is wide enough if I leave out the back vent? Oh, I guess that's two questions :)

Crafty Beth said...

Okay! I made it! Your instructions are so great, thanks again. Here's my post (I linked to you):

Marce Tellez said...


Your pattern is great. Congratulations!!!! Unfortunally I bought one because cause my baby is 10months, but the instructions were incomplete, thanks good that I have yours!!!!

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