Monday, September 27, 2010

“Big Bad Wolf” was close…

He was just a boy, inexplicably carrying a rock, but still, just a normal, sweet boy. 
IMG_8783 60
Until the late morning night it happened. 
The change was sudden, drastic, complete.  And entirely too warm for 90 degree weather.
 IMG_8798 en

This kid, honestly.  He had some pretty high expectations of me and my ability to produce what he has been imagining since deciding to be a werewolf November 1st of last year.  Most notably, he wanted a beak.  I finally realized he meant a snout.  And then the arguing began.  Seriously, we have some very different artistic viewpoints, this child and me.  I wanted to just have a strip of the fur that came down between his eyes and then paint his nose black.  At one point, he threw his hands in the air and announced, “I guess I just won’t even have Halloween this year!” Drama.  So after a lot of Google Image searching and a little trial and error, I finally came up with this.
  I had those whiskers from eight years ago when I worked at a craft store and would compulsively buy clearance items, thinking “I’ll totally use that!” Hey, husband, check it out, I really did need them!  I stuffed a tube of the furry fleece, sewed a vinyl black triangle at one end, and then hand sewed elastic at the other end to keep it on his wolfy face.   Then I trimmed the fur to the base, to keep as much of his vision clear as possible.  And then he and I both had an “I told you so” moment:  it turns out he hates wearing a big snout on his face, and I’ll be darned if the thing really doesn’t totally make the whole costume.  Let the arguing begin…again.

For the basic pieces, I used Simplicity 5874 for the top and the feet.  The hood was adapted from Simplicity4012.  Here is a super fun little abbreviated collage of the construction process:
More on the muscles soon.   And I promise, the ears really do stick up and out…sometimes.  Good thing we have over a month to figure out that little issue.  

But it’s done, and since my youngest is being an all-ready-made bat, I only have one more costume to go.  And it’s not even October yet! Crazy.

Now maybe I’ll have enough time to teach him the Thriller dance!

Come on, sing it with me…
“No one's gonna save you from the beast about strike…”


Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

I think it looks great!!! I'm so excited about tomorrow:).

A Pretty Pastime said...

I was almost too frightened to keep reading! Scary things those preschool werewolves!

Sarah AJ said...

That is so cute -- and hilarious commentary. I've had more than a few creative differences with my 5 y/o.

Melissa said...

Very funny. At least he knows how to speak his mind. I think the costume turned out fabulous.

Beth Lemon said...

Most hilarious post ever.

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