Thursday, July 1, 2010

Continuous Sleeve Placket

The Book says, “The Continuous Sleeve Placket finishes the raw edges of the opening with a separate strip of fabric.”  it also says it’s common in women’s clothing.


I just did a rough sleeve pattern for this lesson.  But basically what you’ll need is the sleeve piece, with a triangular cut out where the placket opening will be, and a 1.5” strip two times the length of that opening.


*note that the strip has been creased/ironed down the length of the center.  this makes things a bit easier a few steps down.*

Take the triangular opening, and spread it wide open, pretty much straight across


Line up the spread opening with the wrong side of the strip, wrong sides together

Pin in place.  It will be bunchy, it’s supposed to be.  Just make sure the bunches all point toward the middle.
Sew a 1/4 inch seam along the entire spread-open opening

Flip the piece to the wrong side, pull the strip out.  Press 1/4 inch of the unsewn side of the strip to the wrong side
Using the crease made earlier, fold the strip over to the front of the sleeve piece


Sew 1/4 inch along the length

Now take the bound sleeve placket and fold it in half, right sides together


Sew from the folded corner’s inside edge at an angle to the other side


Flip back over and you’ll have this
and all you have to do is attach the cuff



Char @ Crap I've Made said...

So it's sort of like bias tape/binding a quilt? Or am I missing something?

Sabra said...

Yeah, that's what I kept thinking the whole time, too. Really, the only trick is that you have to work with that funky fold over/angle thing.

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