Monday, March 9, 2009

Project: BOY

project boy
I have three boys I love to sew and create for.  Here is an index of projects, techniques, and fun all inspired by my boys.  Click picture to be taken to the relevant post.

Clothing with tutorials and/or PDFs scrappyIMG_1825 buttonafterSoldier of Love Sew a Straight Line-15IMG_1625harmonicaborder patternlego shirts sew a straight line-2bbpCapturefebrurary 2010 008

without tutorials

toddler sleep sacks Sew a Straight Line  90s grunge fashion sew a straight line retro uniform sew a straight line-18  Bond Top Sew a Straight Line-1-3  stylo winter 2014 sew a straight line-39 study hall jacket sew a straight line-1-2 scandinavian style boys sew a straight line-5 pattern anthology winter wonderland sew a straight line-1-5 oliver and olivia coat sew a straight line-2  fedora sew a straight line-1 Bimaa sew a straight line-10
ottobre relaxed-4
ottobre muscle tanks-3[parsley%2520pants%2520B%255B5%255D.jpg] easter2 b b  big lebowski a aaIMG_9777
cchhIMG_9631IMG_0478christmas pajamas sew a straight line photoshop genius aIMG_7168edIMG_0875 hollyIMG_3212IMG_2593zzIMG_8633CaptureIMG_6553IMG_5693IMG_1075hdIMG_8615overalls 029IMG_0991

Costumes, Dress Ups and Toys with tutorials and/or PDFs el luchador

starter jacket
touchdownjet pack
yobutton teddy bear loveybunny jacket 2Capture 2CaptureIMG_0193enhanced diaper 269diaper 186diaper 177diaper 221
without tutorials
leather bracelets sew a straight line-1 sleepover bag sew a straight line-12sewing tales sew a straight line-3 TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume sew a straight line-1IMG_3265IMG_6856editdiaper 242IMG_1123diaper 070P1010037P1010018Picture 074P1010121P1010183P1010144
laser tag party invitesCaptureP1010249

jsclosebuckled waistband
IMG_6617 IMG_6451IMG_8453IMG_6523 
Other Cool Stuff with tutorials and/or PDFs button
CaptureIMG_6110travel pillow
without tutorials diaper 350P1010254P1010072

Science Camp posts discussing our annual science camp


Cool Stuff to Do


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reisspoiled said...

I love this!! I am always finding cute things to amke for my two daughters but can never find anything for my two boys. These are all things i think my boys would like!! THANK YOU!!!

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