Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Index of Sewing Lessons

Quick disclaimer:
These are the lessons I completed and documented as I went.  If you’re looking through and think, “these look like poop! I could do better than this"!” please know, I know. I am in no way an expert, just sharing what I’m learning as I’m learning it.   I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of Connie Amadan’s A Guide to Fashion Sewing (The Book).  It’s helped me more than I can say in my little journey down the path of sewing enlightenment.  And nothing in it looks like poop. 
Darts and Tucks:

Bias Tape:
Sleeve Plackets:
Sleeve Cuffs:
Notched Collar

Jeans Sew Along:
Some of these are from Melly Sews, and will take you to that site
Serger Stuff:
Flatlock Stitching (MY FAVORITE!)

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Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

Wow, this is a fabulous, LONG list! You really have done a great job!

grace said...

Do not sell your self short on the sewing lessons, you have done a great job.Keep up the good job , we are all learning . Thank you

Brittney said...

i just bought a sewing machine and i know NOTHING about it. thanks to pinterest i ran across your site! i cannot wait to have some downtime to practice!! thank you!!!!

Linda Lee Steaples said...

Hope this puts a smile on your face ....all of us everyone of us started off sewing POOPY looking things have truly out done yourself sharing this is SO AWESONE for others to help.... your Very Kind Hearted... Linda another poopy sewer....

katiewritesagain said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences. No matter how long you've been sewing there is something new to learn. That's why it's such a creative activity-and so rewarding.

Michele Reynolds said...

Congrats!!!!! I think you should celebrate<3 Pinning your post:)

Gabriell Nengotti said...

Thank you! This is great for beginners, I've learned so much!

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