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what would celina do? Lego stamped shirts

See these goofballs? 

lego shirts sew a straight line-2
They just got some awesome new shirts, inspired by their favorite toy and by one of my favorite sewing bloggers, Celina Bailey of Petit a’ Petit & Family.  A bunch of us, headed by Laura at Craftstorming, decided we love Celina so much, she’s so talented, sweet, generous, and just all around rad, that we wanted to celebrate her.  So today we’re playing…

What would Celina do Button 1
We each took a tutorial, project, or look Celina has shared, and used it to make something special.  I chose Celina’s Lego-Stamp Printing, and made up a couple of custom Lego shirts for my two oldest sons. 

lego shirts sew a straight line-3
At our house, it’s all Lego, all the time.  My entire family room is like an interlocking-brick shrine to childhood creativity.  It’s equally awesome and annoying. 

lego shirts sew a straight line-5
So, Lego shirts.  Celina’s tutorial is clear and simple.  I used it to stamp out some cotton for my oldest’s shirt.  Then I cut out the word “AWESOME” in a Lego-y font that I appliqu├ęd to the front of his tee shirt.  He hasn’t stopped singing “Everything is Awesome” from the new Lego Movie since he saw it, so it seemed fitting.  The fabric is from Girl Charlee.  The shirt itself is the #38 Tee pattern from Ottobre 1/2014.  I didn’t realize until after I’d cut that the pattern is for husky boys.  So I had to grade things down a bit for my son, and it’s still a bit baggy.  But he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

lego shirts sew a straight line-10

My middle son’s shirt is also Ottobre, the Mickey shirt from 6/2011.  I wanted a raglan design to highlight the the Lego-stamped fabric I was using for the arms of the shirt.  I had picked up this funky knit blend in the LA garment district last June.  I have a ton of it, and I’m not totally sure why I bought as much as I did.  But it’s the perfect Lego-minifigure-yellow, so perhaps the sewing gods knew I would eventually be making Lego inspired wear for my children?  At any rate, it worked out pretty well for this project.  For the front of the tee, I sketched out a Bad Cop/Good Cop face from the Lego Movie, using Microsoft Paint (because I am all but illiterate in all of the more legit editing programs), and then added “my good side”, all using Transfer Artist Paper (affiliate link).

lego shirts sew a straight line-11

I think it turned out pretty cool.  If you want it, here is the image I drew in Paint.  You will need to print it in mirror image (or “T-shirt Transfer Paper”) if using TAP or other iron-on medium.  I cut the text off from the main image, and moved it where I wanted it on the shirt. It’s not an exact copy of the official Lego Scribble Face.  It’s just what I scribbled out with my mouse.  Enjoy.

scribble face bad cop 

My favorite thing, though, is the back of both shirts.  I did a single Lego stamp on the center upper back, inside the stitch-lines from the inner tags.  I love little details like that.

lego shirts sew a straight line-12
And I loved this technique.  It was so simple and fast to do, and the boys were thrilled with the results.  They seriously thought it was the coolest that I was printing custom fabric for them.  And Lego-printed custom fabric?!  Greatest thing ever. 
lego shirts sew a straight line-9

Thanks, Celina, for all you do and for the super fun Lego-stamping.  We’re fans. 

They were pretty proud of this shot; they spelled “Lego” with their hands.  Can you see it? 

lego shirts sew a straight line-8

Want to see more What Would Celina Do amazingness?  Of course you do!  Click on the pictures below to see what some of Celina’s other fans are being inspired by.

It’s all pretty awesome.

lego shirts sew a straight line-6Image Map


Erin || said...

So fun!! I love the lego stamp!!

Christie Hurst {a lemon squeezy home} said...

I love these! My boys would too--maybe soon they'll get some. Or maybe before we finally go to the movie (they've been begging but I want Dillon to be able to come with us).

Celina said...

Your lego print t-shirts came out amazing! Not surprising at all, since you do everything amazingly. Thank you so much for being part of this crazy series, I am completely shocked and speechless- I cannot believe what everyone has done since you all inspire me on a daily basis. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. xxx

Olga Becker @ Kid Approved said...

I love these! My boys would love to stamp their shirts!

Mie Brindle said...

Just plain awesome Sabra!! Those two boys had FUN at the photo shoot - I Love it!!!

thingsforboys said...

Loving the little Lego stamp on the back...very cool!

Buzzmills said...

Very very fun!!!

Toni-Maree from Sew Jereli said...

Okay its official, I NEED some fabric paint. Love your shirts! My boys are lego fans too :) Awesome job.

Trine (groovybaby) said...

So so cool! Lego stamping is the new black!

Straight Grain said...

Awesome idea! And so much fun...

Elisa Clark said...

I love those shirts! So fun!

Farrah G said...

cool shirts. i see lego stamping in my near future

Sarah AJ said...

Those are so cool! I have a Lego fanatic too, so will definitely gap gave to try this for him.

Ty Bebe said...

Your boys are total studs!


Welcome to the Mouse House said...

Aahhh! Your boys are so fantastic and so are the shirts!

Tara said...

omg these are so great. my kids can't see them or they'll think all their mom-made lego stuff is lame. hahaha

Laura said...

This is so cool Sabra! I love the different ways you've used the stamping, especially those stamps on their backs.

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