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toddler sleep sack

Amy of Peek A Boo Patterns has just released the new Lullaby Line (affiliate link), a series of patterns just for babies and toddlers, covering everything you need to completely outfit your little one from head to toes.  There are mittens, hats, lap tees, body suits, overalls, gowns, and sleep sacks.  And each pattern has variations included, so you can move from newborn through toddlerhood and all the stages in between.  I sewed up a couple of Toddler Sleep Sacks (affiliate link) for a couple of toddlers in my life, and they’re pretty dynamite. 
toddler sleep sacks Sew a Straight Line

What’s a sleep sack?  Well.  It’s basically a blanket your kid can wear, that they can’t kick off or wiggle out of.  The sack has no arms, so they wear their regular pajamas underneath, then the sack over the top.  It’s kind of genius, and RTW sleep sacks can run pretty pricey, and are hard to find, especially in bigger sizes. 

toddler sleep sacks Sew a Straight Line-5
The Peek A Boo Sleep Sack pattern comes with instructions and pattern pieces to make either a traditional sleep sack, with a closed bottom for younger babies, or this toddler version with little feet holes to keep your mobile kid on the move.  We used sleep sacks when my babies were infants, but I have never used a toddler sleep sack, and wasn’t sure how restrictive the sack would be, even with the feet openings.  I was worried Ivy would get angry and frustrated, that she wouldn’t be able to run and jump like normal.
toddler sleep sacks Sew a Straight Line-4
Yeah, so that’s not really a problem, as evidenced by her levitating in the background while her cousin runs off in this picture.  In fact, the only thing either had a hard time doing in their sleep sack is climbing on things.  Which kind of makes me want to have Ivy just wear one all the time.  Which is why I’ve got a few more for her in the works already.

I made Ivy and her cousin’s sacks out of cuddle fleece from Jo-Ann.  They are so very soft.  The whole effect of an adorable toddler, toddling around in a ridiculously cute, soft bag of squishy love?  Seriously.  If you thought your kid was cuddle-worthy before?  Throw them in a sleep sack, and you won’t be able to keep your ands off them!

toddler sleep sacks Sew a Straight Line-8
I first started sewing Peek a Boo Patterns (affiliate link) about a year and a half ago.  They were some of the very first indie patterns I had ever used, and I was skeptical.  Really skeptical.  Patterns published by an independent designer, without a team of drafting engineers, and I have to print them out myself?  But.  BUT! I loved the shorts I made, and was totally and completely converted to Peek A Boo Patterns.  I’ve since bought many of her patterns, sewing up, literally, dozens of garments from them.  There is not one Peek A Boo pattern that I have tried and wouldn’t recommend.  They are professional, they are quality.  The fit is always spot on and the designs sound.  Peek A Boo patterns is the best source for children’s wear staples, and this line is right on par with the rest.

toddler sleep sacks Sew a Straight Line-1
The Sleep Sack pattern is a really fast sew, with very few steps.  All the pieces come together perfectly.  I was able to complete each of these sacks in half an afternoon.  So simple, I have about half a dozen more sleep sacks cut out to give as gifts and keep on hand as neighbors and friends have babies.  The whole line is so perfect for baby showers and layette-planning.        

You can buy the Sleep Sack pattern individually HERE, or the whole Lullaby Layette Line, of six patterns total, HERE (affiliate links)
And you can win one of three $50 gift certificates to Peek A Boo Pattern Shop here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And check out other Lullaby sweetness all over the tour:

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Reno said...

Adorable! I just glanced down at a baby quilt I'm binding and realized that it's the same print as Ivy's sleep sack. Except smaller- and flannel. Good taste! And those two models are the sweetest ever.

Linda said...

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I won the drawing. I entered it here and I'm so tickled that I did. Now the hard part....deciding what to buy! I have lots of grands of varying ages w/in her size groups, plus a new granddaughter due next month! Decisions, decisions...

xo Linda

Sabra at Sew a Straight Line said...

Linda!! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. So many patterns to choose from! I love every one I've sewn, you really can't go wrong. Have fun with them.

sheila olson said...

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