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Big Haireth, Don’t Careth: 1775 Meets 2013

1775 fashion inspired sew a straight line-6
So.  Monday Project:Sewn started the Fashion Era Challenge and included this graphic:
From this source

See how the fashion timeline starts at 1775?  To be obnoxious, I commented on the Project:Sewn post that I was excited to show my 1775 design, then said just kidding! Because really, who the who would make a 1775-inspired look? Later, I got an email from the Elizabeths (girls in charge over at Project:Sewn) saying, “We can't wait to see your 1775 inspired outfit too----double dog dare!!” 

Not just a dare,you guys, a DOUBLE DOG DARE!

Well, I couldn’t just ignore that kind of a challenge, right?!  I googled 1775 fashion and this image pulled up
big haireth don't careth
from this source, and I thought it was, like, the coolest thing ever and I definitely needed a t-shirt with this graphic.  I used Sew Much Ado’s Seafarer pattern and some jersey I picked up during Fabric Weekend, whipped up a super fast shirt, slapped the graphic on using TAP (affiliate link), dubbed it Big Haireth Don’t Careth and called the dare met. 

1775 fashion inspired sew a straight line-1b
But then I had a total If-You-Give-A-Mouse-a-Cookie moment and thought, I really needed a jacket to go with the Big Haireth Don’t Careth tee.   I’ve had this funky blazer pattern, McCall’s 3949, for a couple of years and have always been curious about that top weird yoke thingey.

1775 fashion inspired sew a straight line-25
But the blazer also needed to  be 1775-ish.  So I corsetted it up

1775 fashion inspired sew a straight line-10
To add the corset, I inserted belt loops into the pattern’s back darts, then laced a leather strip down the center.  The pattern itself is a few sizes too big for me, but because I was adding the corset, I didn’t try to grade it to my size.  I should have through the shoulders, though.  They are too big, and it bugs me that the seam starts off my actual shoulder.  I also cut about 6 inches from the sleeve scythe.  The pattern results in a crazy, insane poof sleeve.  Like, poke-your-eye-out poofy.  I left a little poof, but not so much that I’m worried about my eyesight when I look over my shoulder. 

1775 fashion inspired sew a straight line-1a  

Then, as I was making the jacket, I kept thinking I really needed some super funky, awesome floral skinnies to complete the look.  When I was looking through the Google images of 1775 fashion, I kept seeing amazing floral fabrics.  But I live in a tiny town, with only a tiny Jo-Ann (in the next town over).  No way would I be able to find floral fabric in a bottom weight on such short notice.  But I could not get the thought of floral jeans out of my head.  So, the next day, I packed all four kids in the car and drove to Jo-Ann.  Denim section:  nothing, corduroys: nothing, velvets: nothing!  We ended up in the home decor section, where there were tons of awesome florals, and super cool toile that I totally would have gone for if I didn’t feel like it would be redundant paired with the Big Haireth tee.  I was worried about making fitted jeans out of upholstery fabric, butt…

1775 fashion inspired sew a straight line-11

(see what I did there)

I cut on the bias to get as much stretch out of the fabric as I could, and the fit is awesome!  I used the Jalie 2908 for the fourth time, and I think these are the best yet.  I adjusted my skinny pattern-tracing to be looser through the hips and thighs.  I think I did too much through the thighs and legs for skinnies,  so I ended up with more a straight leg fit.  The dark fabric hides all the details, but they are there.  Four pockets (skipped the coin pocket this time) and jean-style topstitching.  I love them!  They are super comfortable and just fun!

1775 fashion inspired sew a straight line-13  

So, liZ and Elizabeth, I give you my 1775-inspired look, Big Haireth, Don’t Careth.  Dare accepted and challenge met.  Done and done.


Patterns and Fabrics:
Seafarer Top by Sew Much Ado in jersey knit from LA Fashion District
Jacket-McCall’s 3949 c.1974 in lightweight denim from
Jo-Ann Stores and leather lacing from LA Fashion District
Jeans-Jalie 2908 in upholstery fabric from
Jo-Ann Stores (no info on designer or manufacturer on selvage)
Photography by Christie of Lemon Squeezy Home.  THANK YOU, friend!


Reno said...

Sabra! You astound me. In a good way.

Renee said...

Wow, everything is just amazing - you're rocking those pants! You added the perfect details to echo the era. And that tshirt is so original and hilarious (i want it).

beassewingadventures said...

Oh my Lord, how fabulous is *that*!!!

I love this outfit with all my heart.

Beth Cavanaugh said...

This is crazy...crazy good! Really, really fun.

Sarah said...

Ha! This outfit is awesome. You totally met the challenge! Love all the details!

Delia said...

You. are. awesome. That's all.

luvinthemommyhood said...

oh have outdone yourself...this is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!

Annika said...

This is just amazing! I'm so going to vote for you this week. Love all the pieces, but that pic on the shirt is the best ;)

Celina // Petit a Petit + family said...

oh you are soooo getting my vote! Love everything about this. The skinnies- yes please! You are making me want to sew for myself... well almost! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

You're my favorite. Like, ever.

Shannon said...

Lovin' those pants, Sabra!

kate said...

I love this so much.

Tina Chirila said...

very cute I like it :)

Lauren said...

I love what you've done here! The print on the pants is fab.

Shaffer Sisters said...

This is awesome. I love that you took liZ and Elizabeth's dare. This little number made the did you see that "awesome outfit", Shaffer Sisters phone conversation today.

Charity said...

I love the corseting on the back of the jacket! I'm going to have to copy that eventually. =)

Justine/ Sew Country Chick said...

Very Vivienne Westwood! Cool!

Cameron said...

This is flat awesome. Just awesome. Every element. The best use of creativity I've seen for a while. T-shirt: fantastic. Jacket: Wow. Pants: Funky and amazing. Name of your design: Cherry on the Sunday. Fan-freakin'-tastic. :)

Simple Simon and Company said...

Been outta town and just saw this little BEAUTY!!!

Love it..and you...but just wait...we feel a triple dog dare coming on :)

Without Directions said...

Way to totally knock that dare out of the park! Great ideas for 1775 in 2013.

Jessica said...

very impressive. definitely looking into upholstery more often! That print is pretty much amazing.

Tracy King said...

This look is amazing and I am in total awe that you came up with it. Very cool.

Cari said...

This is a truly inspired look -- even before I saw the graphic on the T, I could tell exactly how the outfit was inspired by fashion from 1775! you really hit it on the money, and not only that it doesn't look costume-y. It looks almost like something they would come up with on Project Runway, if they had a Colonial Fashion Challenge!

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