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hacking the Ruched Romper: Tops & Bottoms

sewastraightline ruched romper remix tunic and shorts-1a 

I have another pattern for you today!  Or, really, an add-on to a previously shared pattern.  Using the Ruched Romper as the base, I’ll show you how to make this little set. 

sewastraightline ruched romper remix tunic and shorts-2aa   

The pattern add-on is for size 12-18 months, since that’s what the original Ruched Romper shared pattern size is.  The fabrics used are again knits.  And that star fabric?  My own design!  It’s called Rainbow Brite, and comes in either this grey or the sepia, like what Stacey from Boy, Oh Boy!, Oh Boy! crafts  used for her awesome boy set HERE

You can buy both from Spoonflower HERE!

sewastraightline ruched romper remix tunic and shorts-11a
Back to the pattern hack. 
The add-on pattern includes pieces for the shorts and then a swing top, and an additional page with the extension to make the top into a dress.

ruched romper hack sew a straight line-3

The top and dress are finished at the neckline just like the Ruched Romper, only I’ve also added an optional pleat at the top front.  The shorts have ruched side seams, like the Ruched Romper, too.

sewastraightline ruched romper remix tunic and shorts-8a 

So let’s make some Tops&Bottoms!

sewastraightline ruched romper remix tunic and shorts-2aa 

Instead of rehashing the whole tutorial, I’m just going to show you the specific instructions that differ for the Tops&Bottoms.  So first, you’ll need the original Ruched Romper pattern and instructions from THIS POST

ruched romper 
Download and print the Tops&Bottoms add-ons from HERE
(patterns are hosted on Craftsy.  This is an affiliate link.  Pattern is free, Craftsy is free)

-Cut one of the Top Front on the outer fold line, as noted on the pattern piece
-Cut one of the Back Front on the inner fold line, as noted on the pattern piece
--Optional: using the starred markings on the pattern as a guide, make a box pleat at the Top Front neckline
Baste across the 1/4” top of the pleat to keep in place until you add the neck binding.
Right sides together, sew sides of Front to Back

ruched romper hacks-8
Attach neck bindings and arm bindings/straps as instructed in the Ruched Romper instructions
For tied straps, increase the arm binding strips from 14 inches long to 20 inches long.  Attach the arm binding, leaving 5 inches of binding unsewn at both the front and back.  Finish the over-hanging straps with a top stitch, then tie in a knot to complete the straps.sewastraightline ruched romper remix tunic and shorts-13a
Fold the bottom edge of the top/dress up 1/4 inch to the inside, press, fold another 1/4 inch, press and pin.
Sew the hem.
ruched romper hacks-9For the Bottoms:

Print out the Bottoms add-on (affiliate link to Craftsy.  It’s free) and tape to the “B” peices from the original Ruched Romper 
Cut 2 of both the Front and Back pieces (instead of the Front on the fold)
Sew the Front pieces to each other, right sides together at the center seam
ruched romper hacks-1
Sew the Back pieces, right sides together at the center seam

ruched romper hacks-2 
Right sides together, sew the crotch of the Front to the crotch of the Back

ruched romper hacks-3 
Right sides together, sew the side seams.

ruched romper hacks-4

fold the legs in 1/4 inch, then again another 1/4 inch, press, sew.

ruched romper hacks-5 

Fold the top 1/4 inch under, then 1 inch, press.  Leaving a 1” gap, sew around the waist.  Insert elastic through the gap, and finish the waistband.

For ruched sides, sew a 3 inch piece of 1/4” elastic along the side seams, on the inside of the shorts, stretching elastic as you sew, from the bottom of waistband to the top of the leg hem.

sewastraightline ruched romper remix tunic and shorts-5a

If you want to use woven fabric, be aware that the 12-18 month pattern will yield a smaller-fit than with knit fabric.  You also need to cut the back Top as two pieces, instead of on the fold.  Sew the center back, leaving 4-5 inches unsewn at the top.  Finish that edge, attach neck binding, then add a button and button hole.  This is how I made the Hippo Set from my Spoonflower swap with Boy, Oh Boy!, Oh Boy! crafts earlier this week.

sewastraightline ruched romper remix woven-16a
And now you have some Tops&Bottoms!

ruched romper hack sew a straight line-1
ruched romper remix   sewastraightline ruched romper remix tunic and shorts-3a 

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Jenny said...

ugh I need a serger... SO JEALOUS!! I'm a noob though and prolly couldn't handle one yet but it would make my life SO much easier...

These clothes are adorable. You are my new hero in sewing~ :P

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

I love those ruched shorts Sabra!

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