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Project:Sewn…black on white with birds all over

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Today’s the day!  Week One’s looks at Project:Sewn are live and up for the voting! 


This week’s theme was Black and White: “Design a look for yourself based on the current trend of combining black and white.”  So.  What I made.

Let’s start from the top down.  
The Jacket.
I started off with this XL black leather trench I’d thrifted a few months ago to use on for son’s letterman jacket (note the missing sleeves.) IMG_1622.CR2
I also used a thrifted black sweater.  I forgot to get a picture.  But it looked exactly like a black knit sweater.  Both of these items I used to cut my pattern pieces from.  I used McCall’s 4305, a junior’s dress pattern from 1974 as my design starting point.

mccalls 4305
You can best see this pattern’s influence on the jacket’s back, where the knit butts up to the leather showing the princess seaming I used from the pattern.  Also, I should point out that the back yoke of the jacket comes directly from the back yoke of the original coat. 

I also used princess seaming in the front, but exaggerated things to make for an asymmetrical, off-centered closure. 

The knit makes an appearance as the full sleeves, the waistband, and the back side panels of the jacket. Using the knit was born of necessity, as I didn’t have enough leather to make a full jacket. But I’m so happy things worked out that way. I love how the contrast of the leather against the knit, all in black, plays on hard and soft. 

I sewed the zipper down about three-four inches from the edge of the right front panel, at an angle so the zipper is closer to the edge at the top, and works it’s way over at the bottom.  The resulting “extra” fabric made a… fly?  I don’t really know what you’d call it, but it’s like a wind guard or something.  I don’t know.  But it looks cool, and that’s all that matters, right?! 

You can also see the original coat’s button holes inside the zipper fly-thing.  I was going to cut them off, but I ended up liking that reminder of where the jacket started.  The collar is a high-mandarin style with metal snaps to keep things closed up tight when I’m cruising down the road…on my bicycle with toddler trailer attached.  Hardcore.

The jacket’s body is lined with a funky polyester I picked up a few years ago.  I love how the orange floral print “girlies” up the jacket.


The Tee.

bird shirt full


I needed something to complete the look.  After making a leather jacket and jeans, I wanted that something to be straightforward and simple, and, preferably, super comfortable.  I’ve had this great jersey knit with bird print from Girl Charlee for months.  I self-drafted the tee, using other tops I own as a general guide.  The sleeves are a dolman style finished with a thick band.  I carried the banded look down to the hem, too.  The neckline is draped in the front, with a facing so that it can fall forward and still look completely finished. I used some solid black knit to make a bias tape finish for the back of the neckline, and love how that turned out.  Really, I couldn’t be happier with this top.  I need to make, like, a dozen more for the summer.

bird shirt2

Finally, the Jeans.

I used a white stretch denim from JoAnn, and Jalie 2908 for the pattern.  This is my second time making jeans from the Jalie pattern (first pair here).  I had much more success this second time, partly, I’m sure from my fabric choice.  I used a pair of RTW skinny jeans to help me narrow the legs of the pattern down, and shorten the rise.  I also cropped the pants off above the ankle.  I love these jeans.  A lot.  The Jalie pattern rocks and is such a great starting off point.  I did need to make a couple fit adjustments to the waist area, but nothing too major.  I just brought the back yoke in an inch on both sides, tapering it towards the top.  It got rid of the gap at the finished waist and keeps the waistband from slipping down.  I also made a couple of adjustments to the pockets.  I did my little cursive “S” design on the back pockets, and this time got the placement perfect.  Seriously, so happy about that.  I added a coin pocket to the front pockets.  I need somewhere to stash my Chapstick, especially since the front pockets are fakies.  I totally made real front pockets.  But when I tried the pants on, you could see the pocket lines through the white fabric.  It looked crazy tacky.  After consulting a friend who has a few pairs of RTW white jeans, I chopped the pocket bags off, sewed those pockets up over the topstitching, and now I have fauxets. 

got my tight pants on

And that’s my look. 
Black, white, birds.  Hard, soft, awesome.

 a IMG_1682              

Now go vote for your favorite look at Project: Sewn!

A few Thank Yous:
Christie for the awesome photography and the rockin’ heels
Camilla for doing my hair and makeup, and loaning me her jewelry
Char for the best look title (that I was too pansy to use):
“I'd Kick Your Ass in This Jacket, But I Don't Want to Get Dirt on These Pants.”


Kourtney said...

One word: AWESOME! You seriously rock!

Max of Max California ★ said...

Hahaah I love the alternative title!

I would wear the shit out of that jacket man! I love love love it. You did a kickass job lady!!!

dandeliondrift said...

I love the t shirt fabric!

thegreencateye.com said...

This is brilliant! And I love that you used thrifted items in your make. PS I just voted for you without a doubt! Looks great! :)

Kristie said...

Love the shirt. I want to make a bunch for summer like that. So comfy looking, and perfect to dress up or down!

Justine/ Sew Country Chick said...

I vote for Char's title too! I absolutely love this and would buy it in the store if I saw it. So great Sabra!! That jacket is amazing and the jeans are perfect. And the t shirt I would wear all the time!

TheSewingLoft said...

Love it Sabra! You look fabulous!

Mrs. Ramos said...

My first thought was: "I got chills! They're multiplyin'!"

You amaze me! Love ya!

Dagny said...

Wow! The jacket and the pants are fabulous!! I love the cute simplicity of the tee and I totally need to go make myself one now. I need to stamp up some cute fabric first though. The pants fit you perfectly.

Reno said...

Wow, Sabra!! You look terrific! And I am in awe of the clothes you make. (It was fun seeing the kids wearing your talent also.)

Amy (naptimecrafters) said...

I LOVE this! I don't think I could pull of the jacket but I would wear that tee every single week and the jeans are perfection!

Sew Much Ado said...

Oh, you know, I just made this leather jacket and these jeans... What?! Sabra you are amazing!

Emily said...

You. Are. Amazing. I can't believe you made all of this! You look awesome!

twotoast said...

Wow - great items and I love the fabric for your top! Your 'fauxets' made me laugh - last night I sewed some zip-up pockets on too low (o na pair of trousers), cut the pockets off leaving the zips and a little fabric behind and called them 'fockets'!!

Good luck in the competition - I look forward to seeing more of your makes!!

Tiphaine said...

I am amazed by the jacket I adooore the fact that it is reused !! Well done !!!

Caroline Hulse said...

love this!!! especially the birds on your shirt! what an awesome outfit, you totally rocked the theme this week!

A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

Seriously a great outfit--your look will do so good too! I'm so excited for you to be in this contest and you will totally rock it. Love Char's title:).

A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

And might I add how fabulous you look. So beautiful and you are so teeny!

Vanessa@Designs By Sessa said...

Those white pants are seriously PERFECT!!! Absolutely cute! I have never attempted pants like that and now I must try it!

theperfectnose said...

I love this project. The jacket is my favourite because just-wow, you turned a vintage girly dress into a propah bikie jacket, but I also love that you drafted the top. The fit of the jeans is awesome too. Went over there stat and voted for your submission. Have tweeted it so you should get a few more. Best of luck and keep rockin'

Nancy said...

You look fantastic in this outfit, I really love the jacket! Char's title to this post would have been awesome;)

Annemiek said...

Very well done, would love to be able to do what you just did!! You got my vote.

thingsforboys said...

Wow! Impressive skills! I love all of it. The jacket is genius!

Cirque Du Bebe said...

Oh THOSE pants! I want them in my close...now. A suberb outfit, nice work Miss!

Charity said...

Wow, I am impressed! Everything fits so well and is so well-made! I love the shirt, and want to 'borrow' it, but the jacket is what really amazes me. Great job!

Simple Simon and Company said...

I am laughing so hard!!! Char is hilarious! You totally should have used that title!

Your outfit is awesome!!! You are a sewing ninja.

asunnydayinla.com said...

You did a brilliant job in refashioning the jacket and making the rest of the jacket. By far, my favorite of the group due to the technical difficulty and overall style. Great job!

MikenDesi Furness said...

You look amazing! In those last pictures, you're just like Sandy from Grease. Awesome job!

Kristen said...

WOW!!!! I am beyond impressed. You've got my vote. Seriously, you look incredible.

I love the pants and the jacket (the talent involved blows my mind) but the shirt is the one that I'd wear all the time. So perfectly casual but perfectly made.

You're a genius!

Without Directions said...

I love this look! ~Major Moma

emily said...

That pants are awsome. But cutting away pocket bag is tricky. I dont like that just because I love pockets. I too have white pants and even my college friends tells about pocket lining but I just laugh and put my hands inside pockets and walk. My pants are too tight for a fight.

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