Thursday, January 17, 2013

stripe, stripe, dot

Whew! Got this one finished just in time for this week’s Project Run and Play.  The theme this week is Stripes and Polka Dots.  My hope for participating in this season of PRaP is to incorporate items for my children I’d like to add to their wardrobes anyway, as much as possible.  My oldest has been in need of new church clothes for a few months now.  I would have made most of this outfit even without the challenge’s motivation, but I don’t think it would have turned out nearly as awesome without this week’s theme guiding my fabric choices.

For my ten year old son I made a button down shirt with chest pockets, shoulder yokes, cuff plackets and pocket flaps.  It’s hard to tell in the action shots, but the shirting has a subtle stripe to it.  You can see better pictures of the striped weave below in my detail pictures.

The trousers are made with some of my favorite fabric ever.  I came across it by chance, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  The lighter stripe is a herringbone weave, and the darker cut as a corduroy.  It has a great winter-weight, but not too heavy.  And I love  the unexpected look of tonal stripes with the modern look of the button-down’s details.  The tie is a charmuse with brown and blue dots on white.  I cut the bottom for a squared ending, hoping to carry on the feel of the rest of the outfit with the less conservative straight-bottom tie.

Dress clothing for boys can get pretty boring.  I think this combination adds just the right amount of interest and funk, without being too unorthodox.  And seriously, my kid kind of rocks the whole look.


Both the pants and the shirt  are made using Ottobre Design patterns.  I’m going to be a broken record and again praise the fit and details of these patterns.  I did have to take the pants in for my son.  But nothing too crazy.  I had cut a 146cm for his height, but he only needed the 134 size for his waist.  Easy enough to fix when tracing the pattern out to begin with.  I realize they won’t last as long with a growing kid, but I can’t get over how awesome the more tailored, fit clothing looks on my kids.  We never get this kind of fit from ready to wear!

Here I made the mistake of admitting I was trying to get a shot of his bum.

fTen year olds.
Okay, so let’s discuss details.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve seen the shirt. There was great debate over the buttons.  I ended up going with grey buttons, over traditional white, more because of the theme of this week’s PRaP than anything else, in the end.  The grey on the white pulls out the subtle stripe in the weave a bit

And the buttons themselves look a little like dots on the stark shirt. 

Kinda, sorta, maybe? 
The pattern is from Ottobre Designs 6/2011, the Cool and Grey Shirt.  The yoke, pocket flap and cuff details are what drew me to this shirt.  The offset angles add a more modern vibe to a traditional button down.

I have been really trying to slow down and take my time to sew things properly lately.  I’ve decided that if I’m going to be taking the time and spending the money to make things, I want them to be as good as I can get them.  This shirt isn’t perfect. But I am really happy with the end result.  I even took the time to finish all the inside seams completely.  Not a raw edge to be seen inside or out.  Check out the inside of the shoulders/collar:


The tie, honestly, was more of an afterthought, and I feel like it shows.  I was hoping the buttons and the pocket linings of the pants would be enough “dots” for the theme.  But they seemed a bit of a stretch.  So I threw together a square-bottom tie out of some fun polka-dot charmuse from  I hate working with charmuse, I’ve decided.  But it’s dots, and the fabric is fun.  Just don’t, whatever you do, flip the thing over or look at it too closely.  Please.

The pants are also from a pattern in Ottobre 6/2011, the Glen Check Pants, and the reason I even bought that issue in the first place.  They have a zipper-fly, side-seam pockets that I lined with some polka dotted fabric (also seen on my Week One look)

A back welt pocket that I screwed up on, so you get to see the fun polka-dotted lining.  Let’s pretend it was on purpose, since I kind of like the way it looks poking out there. 

I added a button and hole to finish the look a bit more than the plain welt the pattern calls for.  And I matched my stripes something awesome.


I also screwed up on the waistband some how.  Okay, really I know how, I folded things funky when I was completing the seam on the inside.  I figured my son’s belt will hide the bunching and twisting and I had no desire to pick out the entire thing.  So much for putting more effort into things, I guess.  Also, that one belt loop, I totally sewed it on upside down.  Good thing I finished the edges so nicely on [what should have been] the underside!cc

The rest of the belt loops are put in correctly.  Promise.  Oh! And I added an extra belt loop at the center back.  I like the look of two in the center, and it helps with skinny kids to avoid pulling from cinched belts.
There are also back darts, and pleats that run the length of both legs down the center fronts.


The shirt and the pants were both supposed to be his Christmas clothes. But the original fabric for the pants ended up oversold, so my order cancelled. When I saw the theme for Week Two of Project Run and Play was stripes and polka dots, I decided to look for a striped bottom weight for the pants. I found this herringbone/corduroy stripe at and it’s amazing. Like, really, really.  I am so happy my other fabric never showed.  

I’m really not sure what he’s doing here, but I kind of like it.

So that’s my Week Two PRaP look and my son’s new go-to church outfit.  Three more items crossed of my list, and one incredibly well-dressed kid .



Reno said...

That is a very nice outfit! And he looks so very handsome in it.

Emma said...

LOVE the pants - what a wonderful fabric!

LilleKrokodille said...

Very cool variation for an older boy!
He looks gorgeous in it!

sallyavena said...

What a great look! Great job on all of the details. And I couldn't agree with the fitted look of handmade clothes over ready makes such a difference.

Jenni said...

What a little hipster! He looks great! I love how you went over all of your struggles. I had dyed some fabric and went a completely different direction with embroidery, but then abandoned it for my look. I almost put it in my post, but will perhaps do a "Whoops" feature someday instead. Nice work, though!

jacq said...

wow. i love this white shirt.
the shoulders are incredible...part of the original pattern or your own design?
great work!

ifonlytheywouldnap said...

love this look! you're right, he totally rocks it. i'm so impressed by the shirt. button down dress shirts scare me a bit!!

Melissa (Melly Sews) said...

Haha, what a ham! Make sure to show the bum shot to any future girlfriends he brings home :-)

Sabra said...

Thanks, everyone! Jacq, the shirt is completely to pattern. My only changes were the enclosed seams. It's a great pattern

Maegen Foster said...

I saw this on Instagram. I am in love with those pants! You're so brave to do welt pockets! Fantastic job!

mjb said...

Awesome outfit!! Great job!!! love your button choice, I always struggle with button decisions:)

Simple Simon & Co said...


I am in love with that trouser fabric too! It is seriously awesome....and thanks to you I got my first Ottubre magazine that I made my husband order for me for Christmas (you were always making great clothes from them). I am so excited...the patterns are GREAT!!!

sewVery said...

I've made one shirt for my son, and he only wore it once. Not sure I would have the confidence to make all that you did, but I love the fact that you shared the outfit's imperfections with us. Now I don't feel so bad about all my "I can't believe I just did that" moments! It's a great outfit and a handsome model!

Suzanne Winter said...

That shirt rocks my socks!!! Having just made my very first (and very simple compared to yours) button up shirt, I am very impressed! Gah - I obviously need to get my hands on some Ottobre patterns!

feelincrafty said...

Fantastic pants! Well, the whole outfit is, but I love the pants. The fabric is really cool! Perfect for the challenge!

Sarah K. said...

Love this! And thank you for sharing your "not so perfect" parts too. :)

Stacey said...

I love the outfit. I just got a subscription to Ottobre for Christmas and I can't wait for the first edition to arrive so I can try out the patterns. My guys are in the long and lean category as well so good pattern fit is key!

Ali said...

What a great outfit! He totally rocks it! I could tell the shirt was Otto right away. Love the pants. What awesome fabric!

Olga said...

I actually really like the tie. :) The whole outfit is great! The pants are awesome.

Charity said...

That's a great outfit! Impressive job. =)

Sew Much Ado said...

Sabra! Those pants! And that fabric is fantastic! It's fun to see the final button choice too, it all looks fantastic :).

Delia said...

I am so glad you went with the GREY! haha. yes. Everything turned out so great! You AMAZE me.

Stacy said...

Very cute little boy outfit...I love it! I made that shirt a few times, too. Probably one of my favorite ones...I recognized it right away. :)

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