Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Party Romper

I’m just going to apologize now.  I have a ton of kid-sewing in the works.  I’ve really made it a goal to sew more of my family’s clothing, and with the kids growing fast, they’re in need of some new clothes, like yesterday.  I do have some fun things for myself, and even my husband, on the back burner.  But most of my t0-sew list is full of kid stuff.  Sorry.

Since I need to sew for them anyway, I thought I’d try to play along a little bit with this season’s Project Run and Play.  I am always blown away by what the PRaP designers pull off each week during the competition, so thought I’d challenge myself a bit with a few of the themes.  I don’t know how many weeks I’ll actually do, but so far I’m one for one!  Woo!

The first week’s PRaP challenge is the Pattern Remix.   The pattern is The Party Dress from The Cottage Home.  It’s is a fabulous dress, with some great details. But I didn’t actually use the pattern, just drew my inspiration from its design elements. My favorite details of the dress are the fabric button loops and that wide, contrasting sash. Starting with those elements, and knowing I wanted my end result to be romper-ish, I got to sketching and drafting, and somehow ended up with this

Let’s call it The Party Romper.  It has a wide, contrasting placket that runs the entire opening of the romper, including along the back of the neck.  I carried the contrast binding over onto the arm openings, finishing them off with a bias tape of the same fabric.  And the romper fastens via a row of fun, over-sized buttons and fabric button loops down the center front.

I just used materials I had on hand to make the romper.  The main fabric is a cotton voile I picked up at Girl Charlee a couple of months ago, just because.  I loved the colors and the print, but had no real project in mind for it so it’s just been sitting in the bottom of a drawer.  I was still on the fence about attempting to make the romper when I was going through my fabric to see if I had anything that would work.  As soon as I pulled out this fabric, I knew I was making the romper.  Funny how the right fabric can totally motivate a project. 

The arm- and neck/front bindings are white linen left over from Ivy’s blessing gown I made last year.  The buttons were the biggest challenge.  I didn’t have enough of any one style that I liked the look of well enough to commit fully.  So I dug through my button bin and found five buttons about the same size, and all the same exact color, and just mix-and-matched.  I have done this on a few other kids’ garments and love the look.  I think it works especially well with the party romper’s fun print.  Each button is a little retro and funky, and they just make me happy.

The romper really came together surprisingly quick and easy.  I sketched it out while making dinner last night, and started drafting and cutting once all the kids were in bed.  Usually my last-minute strikes of genius don’t go so smoothly, and I was feeling pretty good about things when I ran into some serious crotch issues.  I sewed and picked, then tried again, then again, with progressively worse and funkier results.  It puckered, it pulled, it looked horrible.  I was super close to throwing the whole thing in the trash and walking away, after salvaging the buttons.  But then, after Instagramming my frustrations and throwing the romper on the table, it hit me.  Gussets.  Cue angels singing.  I mocked up a quick crotch gusset, sewed it in, and what do you know! Problem solved!  Hurray for gussets, and heavenly intervention.


I couldn’t decide which direction I liked the fabric’s print to run best, so I just went with both.  The back has the lines going horizontally, while the front runs vertical.  I was afraid it would look like a mistake, and I swear it wasn’t, but I think it works.  And yes, that is a glow stick for our photo shoot prop.


One of her brothers handed it to her as I was getting her out of her car seat. 
This is what happened when I tried to take it away.

So the glow stick stayed.

And was used for some impromptu conducting.

And a tiny bit of taste-testing.

Anything in the name of toddler fashion and willing models!



The Nelson Family said...

I love it! I'm so going to need to make one for my little boy! :D

Dianna said...

Wow, that is so cute! What a creative idea to turn it into a romper.

the momma (aka Shannon) said...

gussets it is! did the same thing on the overalls I made Elliot a few weeks ago :)

Mae said...

Great job! I love the fabric that you picked out & it looks comfortable on her. <3

Vanessa@Designs By Sessa said...

She's so cute! Very fun take on the challenge! I thought about making some boy's pants (from the party dress) since I basically just have a boy to sew for, but I'm not motivated yet. haha!

Reno said...

Funnest romper I've ever seen! And it's so cute to see your little model on two feet!

Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE said...

Oh, she is such a little doll! I wouldn't have guess it was inpired by the Party Dress but it's funny how ideas can flow! Very cute.

Suzanne Winter said...

so much fun, I love that it is a romper and the button placket up the front is great as a break to the main fabric. This is such a great look that works perfectly on your little girl, but could work just as well on a little boy too!!!

Michelle said...

Wow! It's adorable! It seems to suit her personality perfectly too -- she can certainly rock a romper!

Jodi said...

so cute, i love the mis-matched buttons
i'm also a sucker for crying picture, we all know it happens so thanks for including it

Olga said...

Adorable! I like the buttons, very creaative.

Charity said...

Why apologize for sewing kids' clothes? Obviously everyone loves them. =)
I love the neckline on this, and the mismatched buttons. The fabric is really fun too!
What luck that the gusset worked perfectly on the first try. =)

Max of Max California ★ said...

I was wondering if anyone was going to go romper style! You do an awesome job, this is super super cute. I love the legs!

I can't wait for you to see mine ahhaha ^_^

LilleKrokodille said...

I love these! Someone else going for romper :)
And what a cute model...

Christie said...

She is just so darn cute! You did great with the romper! And great save with the gussets.

Delia said...

Oh my goodness, she is the cutest. I love her. Great remix!

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