Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Handmade for Newtown

handmade for newtown banner

Rachael of ImgineGnats has put together an amazing online auction of incredible handmade items and supplies with 100% of funds raised being donated to Newtown Parent Connection, where all funds will go directly to those affected by the shooting. 

I’m donating a set of three wet bags.  They’re made of Babyville PUL and measure 9.5*10 inches.  Wet bags are awesome for wet swim suits, cloth diapers, soiled clothing, really, anything you need to stash away until you get home.  The bags are machine washable, then air dry.  These are small enough to keep in your diaper bag or purse all the time, so you’re always prepared. 

CaptureYou can view and bid on the wet bags HERE

There are so many amazing items in this auction.  Really great stuff.  Go HERE to check them all out.  The bidding goes through Friday, the 18th.handmade for newtown button

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