Friday, January 11, 2013

fascinating tales of frozen family fun

It seems blogging about projects found on Pintrest is kind of the thing to do.  And it just so happens my preschooler and I did a fun little Pintrested activity just last week.  I forgot I took pictures of it until going through some stuff last night, so now I’m going to totally do a Pintrest Post.  Lucky you!

Okay, along with half the blogging-moms in the world, I’d pinned this awesome project on Pintrest from The Queen Says, called Ice Balloons.  You fill balloons up with water, add food coloring, freeze, remove the balloon and you have these awesome giant marble things.  So cool!  (ha)

We’ve had a streak of stupid-cold weather lately.  To make the most of it, I pulled out the stuff to make some Ice Balloons.  Regular water balloons proved too small for us, and we ended up going with 9inch birthday balloons.  I learned that it was best to get the food coloring in first, then add the water.  I also learned to hold the opening on the faucet securely, hopefully avoiding scenes such as this


I’d color, fill, tie, and then pass the balloons off to Jonas to take outside.  It’s really cold outside.  I didn’t want to go out there.  Four-year-olds don’t feel cold the same way 34 year olds do.

He was super cute walking them out.  I told him to treat them like bombs about to go off, which they kind of were (see above pic), so he took baby steps and held the balloons cradled against his body from the kitchen to the front yard.


We had a nice collection out there.  I suffered the cold long enough to take this picture.  We ended up doing about eight.


It took, like, three seconds for them to freeze.  Okay, maybe a little longer.  But really, pretty fast because it’s so freaking cold outside.  I tried to remove the balloon with my hands, but it was painful to touch the frozen balloons, they were so cold.  So I ended up kicking them with the heel of my boots (high-heeled boots, not snow boots.  Because that’s what makes sense when you’re homebound due to weather, right?).  The awesome part about that was: Jonas laid the balloons in the snow on our flower bed.  As they froze, they sunk to the ground.  The ground, insulated by the snow, was warm enough for the bottoms of the balloons not to freeze.  SO…when I would kick them to break the balloon, the water below the frozen areas would burst out all over.  It was actually really fun.  And then we had all these multi-colored domes in our flower bed… That I never got a picture of because I was too cold to go back out with the camera.  And now it’s snowed, like, 76 feet on top of them.  So no picture.  Hope you weren’t expecting a shot of the finished product or anything.  

We do want to try it again and this time maybe I’ll document the end result.  Lucky for us we’re not getting above freezing temps any time soon, so lots of opportunity for ice-making.  yay.


Misty said...

We just made some of these, thanks for the idea. So much fun in such cold weather!!!

Sabra said...

Cool, Misty! We need to do it again. Lucky us, it's still more than cold enough :p

Simple Simon & Co said...

I love stuff like this---but all this cold weather has made me an outdoor grinch---its just so cold...but today my husbands home so maybe he can give this a try with them.

Kimberly said...

Sounds awesome! I love you sense of humor about the whole thing!

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