Monday, December 31, 2012

Handmade Holiday: Gifts Received

My family received some really amazing handmade gifts this year.  I know when I am making something for another person, I think about that person the whole time I’m sewing and creating.  Even if it’s for someone I don’t know, or an undetermined recipient.  I consider who will wear it, use it, love it.  I think about them the entire process.  So when someone takes the time and energy to create for me or my children, I’m always so touched by the gesture.  It’s more than a gift, it’s a part of the giver. 

For her birthday, a few days before Christmas, Ivy received this bunny-in-a-tin from my older sister


IMG_0546ivy bunny

It’s so perfect for Ivy.  The hand stitched bunny rests in his bed with a pillow and a tiny teddy bear, all attached with ribbons so nothing to loose.  And Ivy loves to look at her reflection in the shinny lid of the tin. 

Stephanie, the same sister, also made Ivy this story cube for Christmas.


Each of the six sides has a nursery rhyme-type song illustration.  The idea is to roll the cube and then sing the song that’s landed upon.  Ivy loves this thing.  She carries it everywhere and loves to toss it to us, and have it tossed back to her.  It seriously is the cutest thing ever and I am amazed at how perfect each stitched illustration is.
I was lucky enough to participate in a gift swap with some other bloggers this Christmas.  So fun to get an amazing package in the mail from a talented woman you admire!  Heather Valentine from The Sewing Loft sent me this

gift                                                                                                               via my instagram

I know, the pictures is pretty crumby.  But what you see there is a whole slew of vintage notions and trims, a couple of adorable tiny craft glues, some fat quarters and a couple of bird magnets. 

I really love these little birds.  Just the evening before the package arrived, I’d told my husband I needed some magnets for my newly organized sewing area.  The next day, these came.  I immediately put them to work.   Thank you so much, Heather!

My talented mother-in-law (you may know her as “Reno” from my comments) always makes her grandkids gifts for Christmas.  Some years she records herself reading favorite story books, I know my kids will treasure all their lives.  This year Ivy received this sweet little ABC Quite Book for church.  It’s just the right size for her tiny hands and her brothers enjoy looking through it, too.  I’m always on the lookout for appropriate items to keep in our church bag.  This book is exactly what we needed!

For the boys, she made them each a pair of lounge-pants.  Or as my boys call them, Comfy-Cozies.

They’re flannel with fun prints and the boys love them.  She also sewed in tags with their names on them, which the boys thought was super cool.  They’ve warn them almost every day since Christmas.

So much love shared this holiday season.  I’m so very grateful for all my friends and family, for all the gifts we were given, and for the opportunity to share our blessings with others through giving in return. 



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Stef said...

Ooooooh! My littlest one would faint over that little bunny tin. So cute! Lots of great handmade goodness!! Lucky you!

Reno said...

Stephanie's gifts are amazing! And the boys looks cute in their 'Comfy-cozies'.

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