Thursday, December 27, 2012

Handmade Holiday: Christmas Dresses

Oh! I'm an idiot sometimes.  I totally accidently deleted the original post of this.  So here is my sad attempt to repost things.  

How are your holidays going? Mine are fabulous. We’re getting tons of snow, the kids are playing nicely, and everyone is snacking on so much junk, I haven’t had to make real dinner in days! I got quite a bit of holiday-related sewing done this year, and we received some wonderful handmade gifts that I wanted to show off. I’ve shared some on my Facebook page and Instagram. But thought I’d go into some more detail on everything over the next few days.  First up, Christmas dresses for my daughter and myself.

My dress was made using Lisette’s Pattern Traveler Dress, view A.  The fabric is a plaid-check shirting from Fashion Fabric Club.   I know I almost always say this, but I love it a lot.  The pattern was simple and the end result is flattering while still being comfortable.  I did add three inches to the length.  I only added one pocket, instead of the pattern’s four.  It was hard enough to line up the checks with one, no way was I going for more.  Also, I feel like more pockets make it look more casual.  I changed the sleeve cuffs just slightly, too.  It’s hard to tell in the super-over-exposed pictures, but I mimicked the tuck of the pocket on the sleeve cuffs, then added a button to finish the look more. 

IMG_0440Seriously fun dress.  IMG_0447

Ivy’s dress was made much more quickly and at the last minute.  Probably too quickly and last-minutey.  The hemline is horrible and the neckline is a bit gapping.  But I think Ivy pulls it off.  It helps that she’s adorable

and walks like Frankenstein.

The fabric is some fabulous sweater knit I found in the remnant bin at JoAnn.  No one seemed to know where the full bolt was, so I only had the .33 yard remnant to work with.  I mocked up my own jumper pattern.  Working while she slept, I made the neckline too big.  I ended up adding a pleat to take it in, but I’m not sure it was the best idea.  Oh, well.  Also, that hemline.  The fabric is really thin and unruly.  I lined the top of the bodice to help with the seams up there.  But I should have lined the whole thing.  I couldn’t get the knit to hold a crease no matter how much I ironed, so the hem folds and rolls oddly.  I probably should go back and fix it.  But I probably won’t.


I had plans to make the boys new dress pants, too.  But the fabric I ordered for my dress and their pants was delayed.  And then when it came, no pant fabric.  Apparently they oversold.  So nothing for the boys this year.  Sorry, guys. 


Better luck next year!

handmade for newtown button
Rachael at ImagineGnats is putting together an awesome online auction to benefit the families of Newtown.  She’s looking for handmade items and supplies from YOU! Click over and check it out!


Sarah C said...

Love your dresses! Great job on both!

Reno said...

Nice dresses! And that family picture would look so awesome on my wall!

Charity said...

Ivy is adorable! And your dress came out really cute. =)
My little one walks like Frankenstein half the time too... except when she is walking with her hands above her head like a little chimpanzee. =)

motherof5 said...

Your dress looks super on you!
PS What a great family you have!

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