Thursday, November 8, 2012

more kids’ clothes, a coupon code!


I recently had the opportunity to do some testing of a new pattern from Melly Sew’s Blank Slate Patterns.  The pattern I tested is a fun saddle-sleeve polo.  It’s part of her Holiday Line that’s just now starting to be released.

I started out just making one for my four year old.  But I was really digging the funky knit from JoAnn I’d picked up.  It has kind of a denim look to it, with a dark and a light side.  I couldn’t decide which I liked better, the dark or light.  So I had to make another polo for my nine year old, reversing the fabric choices. IMG_9697

Dark and light, I still can’t decide which I like best.  Good thing I made both!


Once both of his brothers were getting new shirts, the middle boy needed one, too.  I let him pick out his own fabric, and true to form, he went with some unconventional, but awesome choices. 

The main fabric was left over from leggings I made his sister.  It’s a corduroy-cut grey velour.  For his placket and shoulders he went with orange rib knit.  I started to try to talk him into another combination, but I’m glad I thought better of it.  This kid has awesome taste and I love how his shirt turned out. 


I really need better pictures of it.  All of the shots of my oldest and middle son are from a Halloween carnival we went to.  So they’re random and not so great of the shirts.  That’s a sticker on the orange/grey top up there, not a rooster-themed pocket.  Though I wouldn’t put it past him to request one at some point.

I did attempt a “real” photo shoot of the four year old.  These are what I ended up with


Seriously, like 30 pictures just like these.
And my favorite, especially his sister’s face watching him

How could you not adore this wacky child?

Anyway, a really fun shirt pattern.  I love the fabric possibilities with the collar, shoulders, placket, and pocket.  This particular pattern is not available quite yet, but will be soon sold via Little Blue Boo.  For now, you can use code 20OFF at Blank Slate Patterns to receive 20% off your purchase now through November 11th. 




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Reno said...

I adore all of those wacky children. Thanks for keeping my grandchildren so well-dressed!

Charity said...

Ooh, I like these shirts! The orange placket and shoulders your middle son came up with was a nice touch. =)
And I LOVE the picture of Ivy looking at her brother... so funny!

Amy Y said...

I just have to say... I love the things you sew but you have the cutest kids!! I love how they model everything for you :)

Melissa (Melly Sews) said...

These are great looking shirts, and I'm glad you liked the pattern!

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