Tuesday, November 6, 2012

handmade, but not by me

My husband’s sister is crazy talented.  Remember these knit pants she made for Ivy?

Aunt Robin also sent another pair that Ivy hasn’t quite grown into yet. 

However, this amazing sweater?


Fits her perfectly.  I don’t know much about knitting, but I can tell you that this sweater is perfection.  I adore the colors and that metal frog closure.



It’s so perfect for fall.  The wool is warm and soft, but not bulky.  Ivy’s been wearing it with anything and everything since she grew into it.  It’s pretty much the absolute most beautiful thing in her wardrobe.


Or was.  Now it’s a close tie with this little number Robin sent a couple of weeks ago.

Now for the part where I make a terrible, heart-breaking confession.  The first time Ivy wore this sweater, a stitch got caught on her car seat and snagged.  There was swearing and crying.  I haven’t had the guts to tell Robin yet.  So this is my public outing and apology.  It’s down there in the middle of the front edging.  Is there a way to fix this?  I’ve been crazy careful since.  In spite of the snag, this is Ivy’s most-worn garment at the moment.  

I even made the little corduroy leggings and boots to go specifically with this sweater, I love it so much. Like, sat down and whipped the leggings up within the same day, I was so excited.

I love how soft and delicate the pattern is.  


And the color with her eyes is incredible.


Seriously in awe of my sister-in-law’s talent. I don’t knit, but I do know how much time and money knitting can take.  I just want Robin to know how much I appreciate her generosity.  Thank you.


Three cheers for Auntie Robin!


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saskia said...

I agree, Robin is crazy talented. I love the stuff she has made for Freedom.

Charity said...

Those are lovely! I know how to knit, but I've never completed anything as complicated as these. =) Robin is very talented!
(And Ivy is SO adorable!)

Reno said...

Between my daughters and my daughters-in-law, I am surrounded by beautiful, talented women!

Joan said...

Yes, there is a way to fix it! Take the sweater and pull it around the snag horizontally. Then do the same thing vertically. You'll see that the snag starts to work its way back into the sweater. Keep doing this and watch where that happens, follow the yarn along and keep pulling gently to encourage it to go back in.If you don't quite understand what I mean, find a knitting store in your neighbourhood. Since knitting has become so popular, lots of them have cafe type evenings where people come to knit together. Show up with the sweater in your hands and I'm sure someone will take pity on you and help you out. Good luck!

Ali said...

Wow, gorgeous sweaters! I also love those rainbow pants. My little guy used to wear the knitted pants, too, with his cloth diapers. Love them!

QueenMeadow said...

Ditto Joan, totally easy fix :)

totally adorable knitting on a totally adorable little girl :)

Christie said...

She is so beautiful! As is the knitting. Seriously love that blue sweater on her! And like you said, it's so perfect with her gorgeous eyes!

Robin said...

I just now saw this post. Ivy looks SO cute in the sweaters!!! I've never fixed a snag, but I've seen videos of it being done. Simple stuff. Kisses from Auntie xxxx

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