Wednesday, October 17, 2012

KCWC report, the middles


And now for the rest of what I made for Elsie Marley’s Kids Clothes Week Challenge.

This is my four year old.  He’s tough.

His sweater was upcycled from a thrifted men’s sweater.  I used The Greenpoint Cardigan pattern from Hey Jude Handmade, and it came together ridiculously quick and easy.  Seriously, like less than an hour.  I love it’s retro, classic look.  I added some felted wool patches to the elbows before sewing up the sleeves.

Each of the front buttons are the same size and color, but each is just a bit different.  Two holes, four, smooth, textured.  I wanted it to have a really vintage feel, and between the elbow patches and the mismatched buttons, I think I got it.


And then the pants.

They’re made of green corduroy from JoAnn using the Paperback Writer pants pattern in Ottobre Design 6/2010.   I was super nervous about making jean-styled pants.  But I adore how these turned out.  I’m a huge fan of details in clothing and this pattern allows for so many fun opportunities to make the pants unique.

I did simple, but thick double stitch on each back pocket, added my little star tags, tons of top stitching


A sneak of black gingham at the hip pockets lining, fly zipper, coin pocket, belt loops and rivets.  So fun!


Seriously fun outfit to make, and by the looks of it, fun to wear!


And then there is my six year old.

This kid.  He has a very definite opinion and sense of style.  He was so excited for his items.  The plan was to make him a pair of the Paperback Writer pants and a jacket to go with them.  I didn’t get the jacket done and he wasn’t super happy that we did the photo shoot without the completed ensemble.  I had to fight for every picture I got out of him.

The fabric is an incredibly soft tartan from JoAnn.  Not too conventional a choice, but super fun.  After making the green cords, I decided to bring the this pair’s legs in to make them truly skinny on a really skinny kid.  I’m not sure it was such a good idea.  This kid is insanely skinny, and the pants really accentuate things, making him look a bit like a Scottish daddy long leg. 

But a really stylish Scottish daddy long leg.

They have all the traditional jean styling.  I even did double top stitching throughout, though you have to look super close to see any of it. 

Horrible quality picture, but I wanted to show how I cut the back pockets on the bias.  I like the end look, but it made things much harder to work with.  The fabric’s weave was really unstable once cut, and on the bias it stretched a ton.  I had to pin, sew, unstitch, repin, resew a few times to get things right.  And no decorative stitching since it pulled the fabric in too many directions and wrecked havoc on the pocket shape.  But hey! Rivets!


I loved making both pair of the Paperback Writer pants.  They might be my most favorite things I’ve made in a long time.  I can’t wait to make more jeans now.  But first, I better get this kid’s jacket done.  **update 10/30: The Jacket is done!**


I had such a great time with the KCWC this year.  I had told my husband before hand that pretty much all other life would be put on hold for the week so that I could sew as much as possible.  Though I couldn’t keep up that kind of pace for the long term, for a few days it was a pretty good time!  And I swear, there are few things more satisfying than seeing people you love wear things you’ve made just for them.


And I really, really love these people!

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Simple Simon & Co said...

Love, love that green corduroy!!!! Awesome pants.

Jessica said...

Sabra you did such a good job on both pants! I'm always afraid that using plaid will make them look like pj's, but with that cut and all the details, they look super stylish. Love it!

Emily said...

So cute! You did an amazing job on both outfits!

Dagny said...

I love both pairs of pants. My son is super skinny too, but I love skinny pants on him. He likes that there isn't a lot of extra fabric to bunch up while he does energetic boy things. I have seen that cardigan every day of KCWC so I think I pretty much have to get that pattern now too. I would love to style my son up in a cute upcycled cardigan. Great job on all your pieces!

Reno said...

Great job, Sabra!

Suzanne Winter said...

AWESOME AWESOME!!! Your boys are adorable - and those pants are phenomenal, I want the pattern.

Ashley said...

Brilliant!!! I would totally wear that outfit myself! I really need to bust out my Ottobre now and make some for my little guy :)


Nancy said...

Those outfits are so awesome and stylish, especially love that green with gray. Cute kids too!

Ali said...

Those are the greatest outfits! You did such an awesome job bringing them together and adding the right amount of details to really make them pop. I wish I had your vision! I just found your pictures on the otto flickr pool. Think I'll be following your blog. You obviously are a talented photographer as well. Also, not my strong point, but it really makes a difference how you showcase your outfits. Well done.

Christie said...

Amazing! I just think you are great. I love love love it all! They cooridinate so nicely together for pictures, also, which you did excellent on as well. You rock my friend!

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