Tuesday, October 30, 2012

and a jacket to go with them

There once was a boy with awesome pants. He loved his pants, but had also picked out an awesome jacket to complete his awesome outfit. Until his jacket was complete, neither would be his happiness.


It took an extra week, but finally his vision was realized, and The Pants were joined by The Jacket. 
And the boy was happy.  Awesomely happy.


So, yeah, I finished the six-year old’s jacket.  He had picked out the Sergeant Pepper Jacket from Ottobre  6/2010.  I made it exactly to pattern, even down to the same materials and notions shown in the magazine. 


Not the greatest shot of the jacket, but a much better one of the pants than I was able to get before.

And proof the jacket does, in fact, lay nicely:


I love this pattern.  so.much.  It has quite a few steps, but it came together easily and the end result is fantastic.  The jacket has some great details:  epaulettes, double-breasted, band-collar, fitted seaming in the front and back, tons of top stitching

And 16 metal buttons.  Serious details.

I even found the same Polish patch online, as they used in the magazine sample.  But then found this Scottish coat of arms patch.  My son thought the lion was super cool.  And the kid has Scottish ancestry, so it seemed more appropriate.


I wanted to do the photo shoot with just denim jeans and the jacket.  I’d already blogged the tartan skinny jeans; and honestly, the pants with the jacket seem like a lot of look.  But he insisted on wearing the tartan pants, too.  He also told me he already knew exactly where he wanted to go to take pictures.  I love that he had it all planned out.  So I let him be the boss and all I had to do was follow him around.  Such a contrast to our KCWC pictures!


He’s been wearing this jacket near-daily since I [finally] finished it.  It’s made from sweater fleece and interlock knit, so it moves easily and seems super comfortable.  Really, it’s pretty much just a fancy sweatshirt.


Only way more awesome. 


The end.


Tricia said...

This really is an awesome jacket. Great job.

Delia said...

Love! Sabra, this jacket rocks the house and I have to say I'm loving your photography as well.

Dagny said...

I *love* the jacket and the pants. It's definitely not too much of a look for your son.

Charity said...

I love this jacket! All those details are so fun, and it does fit him really well. Great job!

c(*oo*)o said...

Fabulous! The jacket is one of the reasons I bought this back issue of Ottobre. I hope to make it some day but my 5-y.o. is too small for it, I think. Just got done making the paperback pants in green corduroy too. Funny, how there's almost the same pants in the last issue of Ottobre AND they're in green corduroy. I'll be coming back to this post when I'm ready for the jacket. Thanks for the great photos.

Reno said...

That is an amazing jacket!

Max of Max California ★ said...

this looks like something my son would wear! Rockin' mama!

jacq said...

LOVE this!!
Might need this issue of ottobre...it's probably only a pattern for older kids though?
He can rock it with the skinnies- love the look.

Andrea from The Train To Crazy said...

You're KILLING me with all the amazing things you're sewing lately!!

The Cutesie-Tootsie Gublers said...

Love our little Brit! :)

MommaH said...

There is always some sewing going on during October at our house. This year, I helped my 11yr old make a "Zangoose" costume. My 20 something daughters still come home to take the younger kids trick or treating, and, of course, they still dress up, and always original. It's fun, and a special challenge to creativity. :)

Kimberly said...

I agree, way more awesome! You are an amazing sewer. The stuff you turn out looks so great!

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