Friday, March 30, 2012

a quick fix

Spring in Utah translates to sun-snow-sun-snow forecasts, making layers are a must.  Ivy has quite a few little dresses she’s growing into, but most of them are of the warm-weather variety.  We have lots of long-sleeved onsies, but not really any leggings to complete the outfits.  And that’s just sadIMG_7759What we do have are a few pairs of these little knit pants
IMG_7756But I didn’t like the look of them under the dress.  So I snipped off the cuffed leg bottoms
Grabbed some pretty trim
Sewed the trim to the new cuff, stretching as I went
Top stitched
And now Ivy has some cute layering pants.

So exciting!



Reno said...

So clever! And SO darling- including the baby!

Amy said...

great idea! have ya seen the tut for leggings at makeit-loveit blog.. thye are super easy and cute.. your idea seemed to delight the beautiful lil girl! she will have warm legs:)

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