Saturday, March 17, 2012



Yesterday the boys decided to make Leprechaun houses instead of traps.


They wanted the Leprechauns to feel welcome.  They even had a swimming pool and a glass of root beer ready for the tiny guys.


When the kids woke up this morning, in the words of my nine year old, they “sought out the mischief”. 
As usual, the toilet water was green.  And there were some thoughts on the bathroom mirror.


The kids’ pictures were decorated.


And a note was left thanking them for the houses and asking for their help in finding a lost hat.


It took a long time, but eventually it was found


My favorite, though, was the pedicures the boys received while they slept.  This little trick blew their collective mind


Of course the Leprechauns left a thank you gift for each boy.


My sister in law had provided us with green eggs from her chickens that we saved for breakfast this morning.  We added some food coloring, and had a very green and orange meal.


I’ll leave you with a special holiday message from my six year old:


Have a great Sex Patrick’s Day!


Annaliese said...

oh my GOSH!! How stinkin' cute are they! (and you!)

this made my day :)

kelly said...

sex patrick's day! lol

Sarah C said...

OK the Sex Patrick's Day is hilarious! This is such a fun idea I had to post it to Pinterest!

Reno said...

Did those mischievous Leprechauns also cut someone's curls off??
Well, it didn't stop the cuteness.
Happy Sex Patrick's Day to those adorable chickies.

Katy Cameron said...

Love the pedicures, and I was totally cracking up at the Sex Patrick's Day (while thinking, does that really say what I think it does... lol)

Christie said...

Oh, so funny! You are so fun with your kids. Love those ideas!

Jonas' haircut looks great!

Bettina said...

Haha that note cracks me up!

Delia said...

Ha ha hahaha...that is priceless. You are such a fun mom. I love all the fun things you did to celebrate!

The painted toes and the hat search are my favorite!

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