Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Messy Ribbon Reverse Applique…TEES!

A couple of years ago I shared an idea to use scraps of trims and whatnot to do a Messy Ribbon Reverse Applique for my spring holiday decorating.

And then a few days ago I used the technique to decorate my baby for spring


She liked it so much, it seemed I should share it.  So let’s make a Messy Ribbon Reverse Applique TeeIMG_7571Any image with a large open space will work well:  shamrocks, eggs, sheep, flowers, rainbows.  Really, anything. 
Trace your image onto your tee in the desired location (this is great if you have a stain you need to cover up…)IMG_7572Cut the image out of the teeIMG_7573Cut square of interfacing so that the cut-out will easily fit within itIMG_7574Lay strips of trimmings: ric-rac, ribbons, selvage edges, etc on the interfacing.  Iron to secure.  I like to layer my trimmings, so after ironing down the first layer, I’ll add another layer that I just have to hold in place and adjust during the next step.IMG_7576On your sewing machine, sew diagonal, parallel lines across the be-trimmed interfacing.  IMG_7579Place your trimming square inside the shirt, and figure out the best placement.  Pin in place.  I didn’t, but I’m a rebel, Dotty.  Also lazy.  IMG_7580Sew along the raw edge of the image, securing the trimming square.  When sewing with knits, you want to use a stretch/jersey needle.  A walking foot is also super helpful, if you have it.IMG_7581Outline your image in embroidery flossIMG_7582Add a word or any other extra sumthun-sumthuns for detailingIMG_7583And lucky, you! You’re done!IMG_7589as 
To see the original Messy Ribbon Reverse Applique tutorial, click the button below:


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love this idea! Your daughter looks so cute in her new onesie.

Morgan said...

Your baby is adorable! Oh yeah, and nice sewing. :)

Reno said...

Adorable is so right! And the onesie is cute, too.

Laura @ ON{thelaundry}LINE said...

Oh, I wish to borrow that baby for a sniff and a snuggle. It is a good thing I'm pregnant or I'd be worried about catching baby fever with all the adorable wee babes on blogland lately. And the project is adorable, too!

Christie said...

Oh my gosh, she is so cute--love that you used the rainbow babylegs! I love how the onesies turned out!

Simple Simon & Co said...

Oh *that cute or what?

*Both the baby and tee!

Justine of SewCountryChick said...

Yes what a cutie! This is such a cute project! I love the embroidery too.

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