Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little PDF for you


In putting together the mirror display above the changing table in the baby’s room, I had a frame with no mirror.  I had planned on buying a mirror blank for it, but after they were hung, I liked the look of one frame with no mirror.  However, it did need something.  IMG_6954My mom had my sisters and me memorize a little poem by Emily Dickinson when we were young.  It’s entitled They May Not Need Me.  I took the last verse from the two-verse poem and typed it out using Sego Print font in Word. stitch1 Then I traced that onto muslin fabric, changed the look of the first A, and added some inspiration from the fabric I used in the room. IMG_6984

If you want the PDF for what I put together, you can download it HERE

I used the following embroidery floss colors:
purple-333 (top flower and swirl)
turquoise blue-3765 (outlining top flower and swirl)
yellow-743 (small swirl and bird wing)
light pink-151 (bird body)
raspberry pink-3831 (text)
brown-3371 (lower flower and swirl)

Nothing fancy, and super simple.  But I love how it turned out and it’s another personal touch to the room

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1 comment:

Mike + Desi said...

I love it! Plus, you can re-use it on a purse or canvas bag or quilt when she gets older. Great job!

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