Monday, December 5, 2011

Everything but the baby

I finished up the last of my nursery projects this weekend. When I first sat down and started laying out my plan, I had a pretty ambitious to-do list. I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it feels that I actually got through it all and that it looks so much like what I had envisioned months ago.

I keep finding myself just sitting admiring it all.  My husband teases me, but I’ve caught him hanging out in here a few times, too.  I think we’re getting excited. 

Let’s start the tour.  It’s a small room, so you wouldn’t think that there would be much to show.  But as I said, I’m kind of in love with the whole thing, so, uh, yeah, be warned there are a lot of pictures…

I decided against painting the changing station.  It’s super cheap MDF, though in really good condition for being six years old and through two babies so far. The helpful lady at the Home Depot assured me MDF doesn’t take kindly to paint, even with primer.  And since it does match the crib, we left it as is.  But I painted pretty much anything and everything else.  The wall colors are Cornmeal and Cotton Whisper, both by Behr.  the frames, shelves, and blanket basket are all Rust-oleum’s Lagoon.  IMG_7047It took a few trips to a few thrift stores, but I found a some fun mirrors and a frame for $1 each.  I had another mirror to go where that funky one in the lower right is.  But I broke it.  Like, completely.  I don’t really like its replacement, so hopefully I can find a better substitute at some point.IMG_7048I’ll post more on this later this week, but I did a little stitchy-friend thing in the one frame.  It’s a line from a little poem by Emily Dickenson my mom had my sisters and me memorize when we were kids. IMG_7023

On the shelf sits Sew Much Ado’s Ruby Lou Doll.


I’ve admired this adorable pattern for a while.  When I was looking for a little somethin’ something to add to the shelves, I immediately knew I wanted a Ruby Lou.  The pattern is clear, accurate and easy to follow.  And you can’t beat Abby’s customer service.  I used the scraps left over from the bedding.  It really is so perfect! 

Turning the next corner, is the crib.  I used Simplicity pattern 3795 for the bumpers and skirt. 


The valance I figured out on my own. So you probably shouldn’t look too closely at that one.

IMG_7040I showed you the quilt before.  I still love it.  A lot.  Like I just go in and lay it out and admire it and stuff more than I probably should.  The pattern is Cotton Way’s Abundantly Blessed table topper.  I increased it in length and width to work as a crib quilt. 


Have I said that?
All the material for the room is It’s a Hoot by MoMo for Moda.  It took a long time and a lot of searching to gather together all the pieces and patterns I would need to do the nursery in this line;  it was discontinued a year or so ago. After weeks of buying in pieces from all over the interwebs, I really wanted to make the most of the fabric I had.  I only have very small scraps left over, and I’m pretty proud of that. 

One of my scrap-using projects was the mobile for above the crib.  Another project I’ll share more on later this week, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  Not exactly how I had planned it to look, but fun and the basic idea I was going for all the same.IMG_7022IMG_7030IMG_7031

And the final little area. IMG_7019There are some little spray-painted bird hooks on the wall.  One day I’ll find and decide on the perfect handle for the closet.  Right now it’s still the navy blue airplane from when this room had an airplane theme.   But from here, it kind of looks like a bird.  So let’s pretend.

I left a lot of blank wall because I figure I’ll be adding photographs and other odds and ends as time goes on.  I didn’t want to fill the whole space now and then end up overcrowded later. 

I already showed you the chair.IMG_7026But I’ve since added some fun little pillows.  I have a Boppy from my first baby.   After three babies, mine still looks brand new…because I don’t like it. I know some people swear by them. I can’t figure out why.  I much prefer a small pillow.  Plus, these are super cute.IMG_7032

So that’s it.  It’s done!  All it needs now is an occupant.IMG_7037

12 days.  In case you were wondering.


Mike + Desi said...

It looks great! I can't believe you finished, with time to spare. Congrats, for everything! She's a lucky little girl.

Jocelyn said...

Cuuuuuuuute!!! =D I think the only thing cuter will be the little babe that will reside in that room.

Katy Cameron said...

It looks great, and congrats on getting all the way through your list too :o) Sorry, I wished I'd known you were hunting for the It's a Hoot line, there are a couple of bolts of it at my local fabric shop...

Reno said...

I agree with Jocelyn!

Tiphaine said...

It's absolutely lovely !!! This room is so full of love....
Thanks for the link for the doll....
I wish you so much hapiness...

saskia said...

I am sick with jealousy over your talent... okay, jealousy isn't good, but really. I sit here and realize that out of 7 kids, I have never had a cute nursery theme. But hey, I'm just so damn glad to be done having kids that I'm over it :)

Christie said...

love love love!!! So great! Can't wait to meet your little girl!

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