Friday, August 12, 2011

it’s come to this

So my Supreme Lack of Quality and Quantity Posting is at such a level that my mother in law called my husband today to see if I was all right.  I really have done little to nothing the past few weeks.   I even almost posted about teaching my eight year old how to make scrambled eggs,


That’s how desperate things have gotten.  I have been doing stuff with my kids, just nothing really productive in a tangible sort of way.  That doesn’t involve eggs.  See, the facts of it all are these: 

-I’m pregnant.
-It appears to be of the girl variety.
-Girl variety babies seem to make me really sick when growing inside my innards.
-I have found that the above statement is super easy to convince my husband, family, friends and most associates of, getting me out of tons of responsibility.
-Though having a sweet excuse for irresponsibility and laziness is awesome and all, I’m really glad that with my other three pregnancies I was growing boys because I’m a complete pansy and this fetus is kicking my trash.
-Dude, did I mention I’m having a GIRL?!?
-Most of my computer time has been filled with crazy amounts of shopping and girl-sewing-tutorials bookmarking.

BABY GUBLER_0017And actually, I have some sewy stuff to show you, but none until next week.  

But look, my baby has ears!BABY GUBLER_0001When the ultrasound tech stopped on this shot of the top of Baby’s head, my five year old gasped and asked, “Is it an elf?”  He’s also the one that whispered to his older brother, “I think it’s an alien!” when he saw the 9 week ultrasound picture.  Other than not feeling totally myself, this pregnancy has been the most fun just because my boys are so excited for it.  We tried to convince them that the baby will be their only Christmas gift this year, but for some reason that started to upset them.  Spoiled kids.

So to bring this fascinating rambling to a close;  sorry I stink at posting regularly, girl babies are the the most fun life-sucking parasites ever to shop for, and stay tuned next week for some actual sewing goodness. 

But for now, enjoy your weekend.  Bye-bye



Morgan said...

oooh congrats!! That hand ultrasound shot is awesome. :) I have 2 boys, and I thank the Lord for your boy blog...but wahooo a giiirrrrl! We're done but my sil is pregnant and I'm so hoping it's a girl for me to spoil. :)

Melanie@Crafty Cupboard said...

Hee hee, girls!! Actually, this project does in involve eggs, but I'm not going to go into that ;)

When's you due date again? December, I'm thinking?

Truly, your sewing world has just turned upside-down.

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Yay! How fun Sabra! A girl? That's going to be so fun. I'm pretty sure she'll be a tough one :) Congrats!


Jocelyn said...

I'm super excited for your girly elf! =D I can't wait to see how your genes mix with my brother's!

Reno said...

Nice play on words with the egg comment.
I should have asked sooner!
And good job, K, with the scrambled eggs!

Len said...

oh, I'm so happy for you!!!!Such good news. I was SO sick with all three of mine (two girls and a boy) that all I did for the first 3 to 4 months is lean over the toilet and lay on the couch, so I officially give you five stars, and you may get an extra one because you could actually stand eggs while pregnant, I couldn't they got banned at my house, even the thought made me sick. Hope all continues to go well, congrats!!

Needle in a haystack said...

I am a proud mama of 3 beautiful boys. Loving, gentle, rambunctious, out loud funny boys. In my mind, I was a total boy mommy. Then, SHE arrived. (Insert moment of silence here) She is amazing, she is not what I imagined, she makes tired :) Congratulations and please, rest. You're gonna need it!

Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

So so so so excited for you. Just for the fact that shopping for girls are so fun:). She'll be so adorable like your boys.

All Done said...

Aww! Just enjoy your boys, and take it easy on yourself. It's no fun being a sicko prego.

Ana e os Viraventos said...

Congratulations on the baby girl and I wish you all the best.

So Elle said...

Congratulations! I was crazysick with my girl- but not my boys. And I agree with a previous comment- rest now while you can! We seem to have a tutu wearing soccer player on our hands who does a great job keeping up with the boys! You do such an amazing job sewing creative things for boys and I hope you keep up with that! But girl stuff really is so much fun to sew ;)

Sandie said...

Congrats. As a mom of three boys, I can imagine how exciting it must be to be carrying a girl. I am jelous but thrilled for you. I hope she gives you a break and you start feeling better soon.

. said...

Big congrats! I have to boys and I dream about a girl!
All the best from distant Poland :-)

Meams said...

Yay Subray! I'm sooo excited for you and your baby alien elf she child! Go sign up for if you haven't yet and if you really wanna spoil her, hit up Children's Hour! We need to do a #5 Girls fet together sometime when your BAE fetus isn't kicking your trash! Luv Ya!

Biz said...

Congratulations on having a baby girl!
Our baby girl is set to arrive October 2nd, only 7 more weeks!
Are you prepared for all the Pink?

Misty said...

Congratulations!!! Love the pictures, the commentary makes them even better! Love ya, Misty

JamieS @ Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom said...

Congratulations on a girl! Oh all the pretty little girl things you will be able to sew!

Jo @ a life in lists said...

Ooh, you're going to get to sew all the GIRL things! I love my boys, but the sewing is definitely a bit more limited.

I was waaay sicker with my second pregnancy than my first and everyone said it was a girl. It was a boy. If we have another I am listening to NO-ONE about what I'm having.

Tam @ Sew Dang Cute said...

I'm so happy for you that you are having a girl! That will be so fun!!! Congrats.

Mike + Desi said...

Congrats! I love the elf photo. She's totally going to be a Vulcan. Lucky!!!

Andrea said...

I missed this!! Congrats! Very exciting. Take it easy!

Emily said...

How did I miss this public announcement?

A little birdie MIGHT have already shared this news with me. :) I am both excited and terrified for you. I would totally screw a girl up. Good luck! I can't wait to see all the girly awesomeness you make for her! Congrats Sabra!!

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