Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Touchdown Gear: All Star Jersey

touchdownNow that you’ve got the helmet good to go for your little All Star, you’re going to need a jersey.IMG_5862

Made out of soft cotton knit, this jersey design is perfect for all day play

And so cool and comfortable, they may never want to take it off!IMG_5908It has a solid upper yoke, just like the pros, with plenty of room for personalization.IMG_5866To make a jersey in size 3T, you’ll need:
-Jersey 3t PDF Pattern
-1/2 yard cotton jersey knit
-1/4 yard (0r less) contrasting rib jersey (I salvaged from the neckline of old tees for mine)
-Shoulder pads
-Fabric paints and markers


Cut out all your pattern pieces.IMG_5753Right sides together, lay the front of the upper yoke so that raw edges meet with the top of the front lower piece.IMG_5755Sew together, then repeat for back yoke/back lower piecesIMG_5757Right sides together, pin the sleeve to the side of the yoke.  Start pining in the middle (use the center line on the pattern piece for guide, if needed), and then work out from there.IMG_5758

Sew sleeves in place

IMG_5764Fold the shirt right sides together, matching side seams and open sleeve side seams.IMG_5765Sew from end of sleeve, down the side seams of shirt, and to the bottom of hem.IMG_5767Take your contrasting rib knit piecesIMG_5768Fold in half, right sides together, forming little circles.IMG_5769Flip in half again, matching raw edges.IMG_5770Place the ribbed knit circles around the OUTSIDE of the sleeve, raw edges matching.  This picture stinks, and it shows the ribbed knit on the inside.  I messed up.  You want it on the outside.  Seriously, out.side.  Got it?IMG_5771Again, remember, ignore that this is on the inside in this picture, too…
Stretch the sleeve and the rib knit as you sew together, sewing all around the entire hem of the sleeve.IMG_5773If you did it on the outside, you’ll have this.IMG_5774Now you need to do the same thing with the neckband piece.IMG_5775Sewing it in place at the neckline, matching raw edges on the OUTSIDE.IMG_5776Flip shirt wrong side out.  Fold lower hem up 1/2 inch.  Press.IMG_5778Sew hem in place.IMG_5779Now’s the time to decorate.  I just thought I’d show you real quick what I did.  I used freezer paper, tracing images and fonts I got online.  For the “Eagles”  I did layers of freezer paper.  I would paint the bottom color, let dry, add next layer, let dry, then next, etc.

For the eagle on the sleeves, I used freezer paper to stencil in the background main color, then used a fabric marker to freehand the actual eagle.  Then I added silver highlights with more fabric paint.IMG_5817I also used fabric markers to outline the “3” and our last name on the back of the jersey.IMG_5818To make things just a bit more official looking, I added a simple white triangle to the center front neckline.  Then I added the year and a little similar-but-not-quite-NFL graphic below, all with fabric markers.IMG_5820Now to add some bulk to your jersey.  Get your shoulder pads, just the awesome 1980 power woman kindIMG_5806And sew to the inside of the center shouldersIMG_5815IMG_5814

And now you’re ready to play!IMG_5850IMG_5867

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Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

So so cute, and I just can't get over J in these pictures. I love them all. You need to print them and do his whole room in Eagles. :) You could print one of those huge posters Cheri shows how to do on her blog and put up J's pics all over. (I plan to in our next place because they are cool).

Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

Well, not J's pictures, but put up a big poster of my kids in our next house, either in rooms or playroom.

Delia said...

You really made it look authentic. Nice work Sabra. :)

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