Thursday, July 14, 2011

A story of adventure, jet packs and tutorials

We begin with a our space ranger, who insisted on being called a space cowboyIMG_5701 Though some called him the Gangster of Love….IMG_5712 Just kidding.

In his space explorations, he came across a deserted space pod…that wasn’t quite so deserted!

IMG_5699The battle was fierce.
IMG_5707The aliens were…



No, really, weird.

But the Space Cowboy, with his incredibly useful and stylish Jet Pack, fought bravely


Until he eventually conquered the aliens’ pod.  
(But only because he wanted to teach the aliens to play nicely, and not because he is a proponent of the displacement of indigenous peoples.)  (Or aliens.)


And so he was off to continue his bold space explorationsIMG_5718With his goggles, laser, and a small snack safely tucked away in his Jet Pack, ready for his next adventure.



Want your own space adventure?

jet pack

IMG_5622You’ll need:
- three sheets of craft felt (if you want to use other fabric, the dimensions of the felt are 12*9 inches  )
-one yard webbed belting
-orange and yellow ribbon and/or ric-rac
-four-inch piece of sew-on Velcro
-various felt scraps (not shown)
-puff paints

Begin by cutting your pieces.  You need two 12”*9” pieces for the front and back (you can leave two of the felt sheets in tact for these), two 12”*2.5” pieces for the sides, one 9”*2.5” piece for the bottom, and two 6”*1.5”  pieces for the boosters.IMG_5626Cut about 14 strips of ribbon, each approximately five inches long .IMG_5627Sew them to the wrong side of the felt booster pieces, about 1/2 inch up, seven pieces per booster strip.IMG_5629

Fold the booster strips in half, right sides together.


And sew along the sides.

IMG_5631Flip right side out so you get these cute little jellyfish-looking guys.IMG_5633Snip or fringe the non-beribboned end all the way around. about 1/4 inch up.IMG_5634Place the fringed ends of the boosters down on the right side of the bottom felt strip, pin in place.IMG_5636Using a zipper foot, sew all the way around the boosters, securing to the bottom strip.IMG_5640Trim excess fringe.
On the right side of the front piece lay out various felt scraps however you’d like for a design element.  Sew in place.IMG_5644On the wrong sides of both the front and the back pieces, at the top about 1/4 down and center, sew the Velcro pieces in place.IMG_5646Cut your one yard of webbing in half. IMG_5647And sew to the right side of the back piece.  Sew about 1 inch away from either side of the Velcro strip, and about 1/2 inch from the top of the piece.  I like to do fun little cross-boxes.IMG_5649Keeping the straps from twisting, bring down, fold ends under, and repeat the above step about two inches from the bottom of the back piece.IMG_5650Right sides together, sew the side strips to the front piece.IMG_5651And then the bottom piece, also right sides together, taking care to keep the ribbons out of the way of the seam.IMG_5654To sew the right angles of the bottom strip, start at one short end and sew the length of that end.  Lift presser foot, rotate the bottom piece around until the long side matches the long side of the top piece.  Sew the length of the long side.  Then do the same thing for the short side.


You’ll have this.IMG_5660Using that same right-stitch technique, right sides together, keeping ribbon out of the way, sew the back to the sides and bottom.IMG_5663Flip right side out and decorate with puffy paints, according to package directions.IMG_5665Let dry.
Fill with any and all space explorer necessities, slap on a nearby recruit and…IMG_5714

Get ready for whatever the universe has in store!IMG_5723

For full information on the Space Explorer party we originally used the Jet Packs for, click HERE.

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Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

Such cute pictures and a great tutorial!

Jocelyn said...

Oh snap J has his smoldering gaze down pat already! Toddlers everywhere are gonna go crazy! =D

Reno said...

Great adventure. I'm so glad that you documented it for us to share.

BLD in MT said...

Ahhhhhh! I love it!

Aliens are sure weird looking indeed! That seems about right though!

Kellie said...

How awesome! Your post cracked the heck out of me (being the Steve Miller fan that I am). ;-)

Lakshmielectro said...

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