Monday, March 21, 2011


Happy Monday!  The oldest is off to school, the two younger are happily coloring in the kitchen.  It seemed a good time to sit down and show a few random tidbits with you. 

Every year my kids make Leprechaun traps on March 16th, and then wake up to crazy hijinks and pranks on St. Patrick’s day. 


The Leprechauns always use the boys’ toilet (green food coloring in the water), make trails with all their shoes throughout the house, decorate our eggs

And this year, my favorite trick yet, they used dry erase markers to “photoshop” all our family pictures

As penance for the mischief and messes, they always leave small gifts for the boys (who have to clean up the messes—best part!).  This year those crazy Leprechauns must have been reading craft blogs because they used Delia’s idea for LEGO belt buckles at Delia Creates.  They left a note on the bin they dumped out, telling the boys they had fun playing with their toys and hoped the kids enjoyed their creations.  Each boy got a LEGO belt and a new LEGO minifigure. 


My kids have never gotten dressed so fast, all three of them racing to get pants on so they could wear those belts.  IMG_2139
My eight year old redecorated his buckle with a K, his first initial.

IMG_2138The buckles were super quick and easy, and my boys so excited about them.  They’ve worn them every day since.  I highly recommend this craft!

My husband has also been busy the last few weekends, getting our garden ready.  I’m so excited for this!  We’ve decided to just go with one box this year, to feel things out and be able to hopefully do things right, focusing on just a little bit this first year.  After some discussion, we ended up deciding on doing cinder blocks instead of wooden garden boxes.  It was cheaper, came together quickly, and won’t rot.


We still need to get the toppers along the top (except a few where we’ll plant herbs), switch out those sprinklers for a drip system, and pick up the top soil.  If things go well, we’ll be planted and going within the next two weeks.   I also have dreams of one day doing fun mosaics along the walls of the boxes with the kids.  I’ve already started checking out thrift stores for stoneware to break into tiles.  But we’re probably at least a year away from that project.  I still have to decide what all we’re planting, but I’m super excited to be this far.  It’s really happening!

Well, the kids are now done coloring, so I’m off to play with them for a bit and hopefully get started on some sewing project later today.  Have a great Monday and welcome, Spring!


Reno said...

Love those photoshopped pictures!

Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

You are such a fun mom for St. Patrick's day! I love love loved Delia's belts and still need to make them for my kids. You did great with them! And yea for gardens!!! I totally need to get going on that!

K. the Littlest Crafter said...

That's awesome! What a neat idea for St. Patricks day!

I gave your blog an award today - just wanted to let you know.

BLD in MT said...

What a fun St. Patty's Day for you all! Very cute.

Good luck on the garden! That will be one nice raised bed you've got there.

trooppetrie said...

I wish we would have thought about cement blocks. I love that idea. I wonder if my husband would consider a second garden

Sachiko said...

I love the picture of your boys with mustaches. :)

By the way thank you so much for adding the Japan disaster relief button on your blog. It means a lot to me.

SAMZE said...

looooove those belt buckles! you are so productive! :)

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