Friday, June 11, 2010

Good capris gone bad

Right now, as you are reading this, I’m mostly likely on a beach in Cabo San Lucas, reading, relaxing, and not wearing the Gathered Pocket Pants I made a couple of months ago.  Right now, as I’m actually typing this, I’m at home, bags packed around me, and also NOT wearing the Gathered Pocket Pants. 

I wore them once.  And that is the only time they will ever be worn. There’s a reason I needed a shirt that covered the top of these pants, a reason why my hand is lightly in my pocket, a reason for that awesome puckering in such an appropriate area.  Though the shirt could do nothing to cover that crazy-flattering leg length.
I have needed to post these for quite some time, but I was just so ashamed.  However, since I won’t actually be around when anyone is looking at this, you can all laugh and marvel at the wrong turn these fabulous pants took without me having to be here with you.  I’m hiding out in another country.  So gawk away…

Here are the capris I was basing my pair on, originally discussed here:
Here is my completed version:
They bare a slight resemblance to the original, kinda.

Let’s go over them in more detail, the good and the bad.

I’m crazy in love with this style of pockets.  The gathering, the piping, the wide band across the opening.  If I ever get the guts up to attempt pants again, these pockets will be making a repeat showing. 

Except next time I think I’ll actually make them functional.  I can’t really get my hand into these, just my fingers.  Oops.
The square buttons were perfect, and they were found in a huge box of bulk buttons I got for, like, $2.50, so a great deal.  

Unfortunately, they are attached to some butt-ugly bound button hole pockets that really accentuate my mother-of-three bum so nicely.
The waistband is pretty cool, I like it’s width and the piping.  And the wide belt loops are pretty sweet.
Except that they were supposed to line up with the wide band on the pockets in the front.  And, well, they didn’t.  Or rather, one did and the other didn’t.  And then I got all crazy and the piping went wonky.
But the best?  The very best?  Check out the amazing rise I somehow managed to not even begin to notice until I put them on and discovered things were horribly, horribly wrong.
And there’s more, but you can most likely find other issues all on your own.  Like a fun little “what’s wrong” puzzle for you!

  Irreplaceable vintage linen, hours and hours of my time, and this is what I get for thinking I’m ready to make pants for myself sans pattern.
Lesson learned.


Reno said...

And once again I am awed by what you can do WITHOUT a pattern. I can't even attempt a kerchief without a pattern.

Reno said...

Oh, and I am awed by what you can do when you're out of the country!

Mama Lusco said...

I'm laughing with you! I just tried to make myself 3 pairs of Bermuda shorts without a pattern and they are all bad! Keep trying - you do such great work :)

Karin van D. said...

And the funny thing is: If you would wear this around people who don't sew and don't know you made these yourself, nobody probably would notice anything wrong.

And, to be honest, I don't think they look that bad on you either! :)

Christie said...

They actually do look really good in the pics! And you are so brave to try these without a pattern! Hope you are having fun the sun! It's raining here and getting pretty cold!

Melanie said...

hee hee hee...
I do the same thing. All the time. Except not with the cool pockets...

And if there is a PATTERN out there that actually fits right too, please, let me know!! This too is unattainable!

Baye said...

Thanks so much for posting what didn't work. I try to do that on my blog, too. I can attest that it is painful.

The worst, as you so eloquently noted, is that one feels they have wasted time, materials, and money--that hurts. Despite knowing that I should do one on inexpensive muslin first, I don't. I feel like I'm wasting my time. Time is something I'm always most short of.

Don't quit!! You've figured out all the mistakes. There is so much RIGHT about your version. They would look great in a lightweight denim which wouldn't be too expensive either.

Green Gracie Home said...

Bravery is always applauded and I couldn't have even gotten that far!

Jana said...

I won't even attempt to sew without a pattern of some type-I applaud your efforts!

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