Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dolman Sleeves, sort of

The Book mentions Dolman Sleeves, but doesn’t actually go over them.  In doing my own research, I learned that Dolman Sleeves are very wide at the shoulder and taper down at the wrist.   The other thing about Dolman Sleeves, the thing I found most interesting, is that they are usually cut in one piece with the bodice of the garment.  So there is no sewing in of the sleeves.  The sleeves are already part of the garment.  This makes sense as to why you’d need a wide shoulder, so you have movement through that area. 

It just so happened that one of the patterns (Simplicity 6890 c.1975) I picked up from the thrift store awhile back also had sleeves cut as part of the bodice.IMG_6353
At any rate, they weren’t separate pieces that had to be sewn in. 
Using some of the fabric my mom gave me from the ‘70s-80s I figured I’d give it a try and use it as a pseudo lesson in Dolman Sleeves.  Except for the tapering down at the wrist part.  There is none of that here.  So really, I don’t know what this qualifies as….

The pattern consisted of four pieces, a top bodice/shoulder/sleeve, neck hole facing, front lower bodice, back lower bodice. 
Here is the top bodice/shoulder/sleeve with the neck hole facing sewn in place
Next, the front and back lower bodice pieces were sewn to the top bodice section
Finally, the side seams and up under the arms to finish the sleeves.  And that was it.
I added a looped button hole and button (the pattern called for an eye hook)
And I also added piping where the top and lower bodice meet.  Just because the top is SO plain and simple, I thought it needed something in the way of structure/adornment.
Not realy  my style.  I kind of feel like it looks like a pajama top.  But it is comfortable, I’ll give it thatIMG_6360
.  And there are styles that use Dolman Sleeves that I like.  Just not so much this pattern, as is.
And yes, those are the completed  Pocket Pants  I’m wearing.  Not completley happy with them, either.  But we’ll discuss that later.  Along with the fact that in this outfit I very much look like I’m channeling my church youth leader from 16 years ago. sweet.

If I have the time, I want to tweak this a bit and see if I can't make it into something I would be more likely to wear. Eitehr way, I'll most likely throw this in for Made By Rae's Top Week. What the heck, right?  But first, I need to work on Raglan Sleeves and hopefully get those up later today.  Maybe.


Christie said...

You did a good job--I especially like the Pocket Pants though. What if you took the seam on the bustline up a bit? Like 3 inches?

Baye said...

I like both pieces. I can understand your feelings, though. With every project I do, I end up with two or three things that I wish I had done differently. By the second or third try, I'm happy.

I wonder if a crisper fabric might work better with the blouse?

Lisa Marie said...

You used a regular flat button with a loop closure... how is that working out?
I always use a shank button with loops and had a really hard time finding shanks that matched my tunic. I got some that I think will work as far as color goes but I have a ton of flat buttons that would easily match. Does it work just as well?

Sabra said...

Christie, I can't move that seam since it is also the underarm line. If I move it up, I restrict movement in the sleeves.

Baye, I do think the fabric is part of it. I love that fabric, but on this top it just is too pajama-y.

Lisa, No, it's a shank. I guess b/c it's clear, it looks like a flat button? But it's not. However, on the ugly pants I did use flat buttons with loops on the back. But they're really thick, and so are working fine. Not that I'll be wearing the pants again. But they do work.

SAMZE said... there's a name for them...dolman sleeves! (can you tell i'm a novice/kind of sort of teach myself sewer?!) i've been sketching out and designing some tops i'd like to sew with this sleeve style but i didn't know there was a name for them--and then you posted this!!! :) all i knew is that i want to design some tops that were like the ones i wore when i was a young girl! :) ha ha ha!

thanks so much for all your great tutorials and sharing your knowledge with all of us! :)

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