Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Patch Pockets

The Book says, “Patch Pockets are both decorative and useful…They are made from a single layer of fabric which is hemmed and sewn to the outside of the garment…”

The first thing you need to do for all patch-type pockets is transfer your placement markings to the main piece of fabric the pocket is going onto.
Fold over the top edge 1/4 inch over toward the wrong side of the fabric and edgestitch
IMG_5625 IMG_5626
Turn facing allowance (top inch or so of the pocket piece) to the correct side.  Pin
Stitch the pocket from top corner, down around and to the other top corner, catching the folded top edge
Clip corners, but do not trim edges
Turn facing allowance to the inside
Iron seam allowance to the inside along stitch line
Pin pocket in place, as marked
Topstitch in place, back stitching at both corners for reinforcement
 IMG_5636 IMG_5637 

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