Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bias Tape Tool

Another option for single fold bias tape is to purchase a bias tape tool.  They come in various sizes, depending on what width of bias strips you are using.  You can find them usually with quilting tools.

To use, cut and prepare your bias strips.

Insert one end of the strips into the wide end of the tool

Now the next part I can't figure out how to do smoothly.  I use either a seam ripper or my turning tool to grab and work the fabric through to the narrow end of the tool

Once you finally get that through, the rest is SUPER easy.
Just start to pull.  The tool folds the strip for you

Press the tape as you go
Continue until you've pulled and pressed the length of the entire strip

Then attach as you would purchased single fold bias tape
Lay main fabric inside
Fold over and pin, then sew

You Told Me: 3/2/10 Char said, "I like to use it on hems instead of actually hemming.

1 comment:

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

I enjoy my bias tape maker A LOT. I like to use it on hems instead of actually hemming.

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