Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bias tape and voting and such

Okay, the bias tape lessons are up.  You can start here and then follow the links at the bottom of that post to get to everything I went over today.

My personal assignment is obvious: make something using homemade bias tape.  I have a few sketches all ready for what I want to do.  Hopefully it will translate when I actually start cutting and sewing.  More on that on Monday when I check in.

In other news, my Church Waders are in the final running for the Lil Blue Boo Dharma Challenge!!

YAY!! I'm so excited to make it to the top 15 among the other entries! Some absolutely amazing stuff out there.  Go check it out and vote while you're at it.  I'm #8, but we can still be friends if you vote for another.  If I wasn't so partial, I don't know how I'd choose! 

A huge thank you to Ashley at Little Blue Boo for all the work that went into the challenge.  Go check out her site if you haven't already.

ETA: um, my baby took a long nap today, my boys were at a party.  I made a "vote for me button" instead of mopping my floors.  You can even grab one.  I feel like a dork, but seriously! the things I could do with a screenprinting set!!


Char @ Crap I've Made said...

SO SO SO excited! I'm voting. And you have to promise to let me try out the screen printing press!

Sabra said...

Oh, if I win we'll totally have a screenprinting party.

Christie said...

OK, so I put it on my blog and you probably noticed clicking the picture didn't exactly WORK. Sorry about that. It's fixed! You should win:). It really is the cutest!

SAMZE said...

Congratulations Sabra! I just had to come by to say that although I'm also one of the finalists, I absolutely *adore* the Church Waders. It is my fav! :) It stood out even among the 154! How genius are you to convert the paper doll dress in to overalls AND use trousers to make them?! It is not only wildly creative, it is just plain cute! Congrats! :)

Sabra said...

Thank you so much, SAMZE. It was such a fun challenge.

SAMZE said...

It was totally a fun challenge! :) While there are a couple of other designs that that I think are knock out in the final, I was so moved by your outfit that I actually had to hunt down a computer (I had already voted on my computer) and put in a vote for you!!! It really is fabulous. Also, when I told people I made the final, I noted that my personal fav was yours! hee hee hee! :)

Also, what a great blog you have! I've marked it in my Google Reader! :)

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